RDM+ Lite released. Connect to your PC and Mac remotely for free

SHAPE Services, the company behind the popular iDevice IM app IM+ (TMA Review), has just released a free, ad-supported version of their best-selling remote control application, RDM+. By utilizing both the app on your iPhone/iPod Touch and the (free) desktop RDM server, users can easily access and manage their home and office computers remotely. Chiffan reviewed RDM+ several months ago and had this to say:

To sum it all up, RDM+ is the best remote control software I’ve seen thus far on the iPhone. While it has its limitations (the single-screen access and the fixed refresh time), the ability to work through ANY firewall, the easy setup, and the excellent and ultra-fast interface make it unrivalled if you find yourself in need of putting in that extra bit of work on the PC but are out.

If remote access to your computer(s) is something you’d like to accomplish, RDM+ Lite is a great place to start, so long as you don’t mind the in-app ads. The regular and ad-free version can be purchased for $9.99 (down from original price of $19.99).

RDM+ Lite RDM+ Lite – Free

RDM+ Remote Desktop for Mac OS and Windows RDM+ Remote Desktop for Mac OS and Windows – $9.99

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