Quoth the Raven: “Ravensword … Ever Again?”

News-games-RavenfalloutChillingo’s new action/RPG has fallen out of favour with Apple because of its Unity 3D engine roots which can call sneaky information-stealing API’s. Fortunately, Apple had the forethought to disprove of any app which uses those API’s and though Ravensword steals nothing more than a user’s time, it has caught Apple’s ban hammer. According to Chillingo, “the same APIs were used by iMobsters developer Storm8 to solicit contact information from players”. Apple are taking a strangely serious (and oddly moral) high ground with regard to a user’s personal information and will be re-assessing this much-anticipated game in the coming weeks.

Ravensword: the Fallen King

Ravensword: The Fallen King Action RPG


No, we are not full time a gaming site, but damn, there are so many hot looking gaming titles out there. One of the morst exciting current projects is Ravensword: The Fallen King, a game which takes gaming hints from greats such as the The Elder Scrolls and the Nintendo adventure, Zelda. Indeed, this action RPG which is slated for release this month is half platformer, half RPG and sure to be gobbled up at the App Store.

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