Last Ace Of Space in Review – The Cat’s Out Of The Bag

The Last Ace of Space is the epic story of a cat, his flying pig, and the big green slime that wants to eat them both.  The atmosphere reminds me of what might happen if Don Bluth made an infinite running game.  The action, however, is a far cry from the simple “tap to jump” that dominates most infinite run games.  My only concern is that it might be a bit overwhelming for the particular genre it competes in.  It is certainly unique for this style of game, but robs the genre of one of its compelling points – simplicity.

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The 7th Guest: Infection in Review – Kids, don’t try this at home!

The re-release of the classic adventure The 7th Guest (TMA Review) pleasantly surprised me about half-a-year ago, heralding the rebirth of Trilobyte Games. True to the minutest detail, the port nevertheless missed one of the most challenging puzzles due to the difficulty of adapting it to the small screen of the iPhone. Showered by fan requests however the developers decided instead to recreate the famous microscope puzzle from scratch and recently released it as a separate game for the iPad – The 7th Guest: Infection.

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MEElectronics A151 inner earphone in Review – KICKASS!!

MEElectronics are hit makers. The M6 and M9 earph0nes defined perfection within their price points, sporting great build quality, good sound, and an impressive array of accessories. With the introduction of the A151, MEEl have outdone themselves in a number of areas, making on of the truly must-have earphones. Caveats aside (and yes, there are a few), this new single armature earphone is a must have for every music lover with a medium-sized budget.

[Bef0re y0u ask: my little 0h and bracket keys have been damaged by a stray glass 0f water. Please bear with me till I can aff0rd a new c0mputer!]

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DropCopy in Review – Sharing Your Stuff

Sharing stuff is a common need for anyone who uses a computer, iPhone, iPad or have friends/family with these devices. For example, I may want to use my iPad to read a pdf file on my computer, copy some text from a document on my iPad to a friend’s iPhone, or share a picture I just took with my wife. There are loads of apps available today that can transfer pictures, files, clipboards, URLs and other things, e.g., Bump, between devices, but is there anything that works well with all this media – and has a user interface that’s comprehensible to the average user?

Let’s take a look at one of them. DropCopy is a universal app for iOS devices and Macs (sorry, no PCs yet). It has a fun and unique user interface and works well with transferring most types of media.

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Sleek Audio CT7 custom earphone in Review – masterless sound

In 2009, Sleek Audio officially released the CT6, their first custom earphone. At its introductory price of 300$, the single driver earphone dominated the budget custom earphone world with great sound and a slew of innovations at a great price point. A LOT has happened since then, and while the CT6 remains a great earphone, it has been outclassed by newcomers. Naturally, Sleek Audio couldn’t leave it at the top of their portfolio. Enter the CT7, a completely redesigned custom iem sporting dual drivers, higher sensitivity, better artwork, and one of the rawest, fastest, most impressive sounds I’ve heard at any price.

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Egg Vs. Chicken in Review – Something Fowl Is Afoot

Why did the chicken cross the road?  If you’re doing your job right, you shouldn’t have to answer that question. Egg vs. Chicken is an interesting mash up of match 3 and tower defense that actually manages to blend the two genres fairly seamlessly.  The cartoon quality visuals and 70s action TV show theme music make for a wacky atmosphere that serves a game like this well.  I just wouldn’t expect too much depth from the game beyond trying to maximize your score via combos. Continue reading…

Brave Ghost in Review – Even The Dead Respect Physics

Physics puzzle games seem to be all the rage these days on the App Store, and one sub-genre that seems to be picking up steam is the concept of using the gravity of objects spread across the screen to get your characters to their destination.  Not too long ago I reviewed a game called Sheepernova (TMA Review) that used this technique to great effect, and now to an extent I feel like I’m reliving that fun with Brave Ghost.  The mechanics and some of the obstacles are different, but the goal of getting your avatar from point A to point B using the gravitational pull of objects is central to victory in this game.  There are certainly some hair pulling moments, but overall it’s been a lot of fun.

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Starfront – Collision in Review – Craft-ing the Star of portable RTS

Every once in a while, a game comes along and literally tears down a genre and builds it anew, usually with a bar that is almost impossible to attain. In the genre of RTS that game was Starcraft, released by Blizzard in 1998 and still regarded as one the best strategy games of all time. Sadly, the great Blizzard has not yet graced the iOS with their attention, leaving the gap wide open for would-be upstarts to claim the Starcraft-shaped piece of pie. And unsurprisingly, the first one at it is the prolific Gameloft with Starfront – Collisionâ„¢.

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Review: Transfer Pictures & Photos Wirelessly between iDevices – Redux


Photo Sender MediaTransfer PhotoSync

A few months ago I reviewed three nice universal apps that streamline the transfer of photos between iDevices and your desktop (see TMA review). Since then I’ve kept my eyes open and found a few more which are also noteworthy. These are quite different apps from each other with unique features that you might find appealing.

Photo Sender – Similar to the previously reviewed Photo Transfer app. What makes it stand out is its ability to add some simple effects plus do in-app down-sizing for quicker transfers.

MediaTransfer – Perfect for the person who takes lots of snapshots and just wants to periodically dump new ones to a folder his or her computer without any fuss — and it’s FAST!

PhotoSync – Lots of options and a very nice user interface. The best transfer app I’ve seen for sending and receiving photos and videos between devices and other services.

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From A To B in Review – It’s Not Always A Straight Line

Most puzzle games that revolve around trains deal with you trying to keep the trains from crashing.  In From A to B, however, the trains are merely the main obstacle.  Your goal is to get a single car from point A to point B without it crashing or running out of fuel.  While I’ve struggled to get into many of the “don’t crash the train” puzzle games, I’ve found this one quite intriguing so far.  It’s certainly one of the most challenging ones that I’ve played to date, and I love the fact that it relies on careful ingenuity, and not your ability to beat a clock by chucking random parts on a track, in order to truly be victorious.

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