a-Jays THREE earphones in review – got bass on my mind

“Back when Cube was rollin’ with Lorenzo” – stolen from Dr. Dre’s What’s the Difference, is innocuous; it betrays nothing of Dre’s ego. But American rap’s pride is why after years, I keep coming back to it. And though this is a headphone review, I think that a bit of good ol’ fashioned American pride applies tastily. In 2010, the Swedish headphone guru, Jays, redesigned itself, shirking cuteness in favour of big business, of pride. One look at the newly minted a-Jays will prove to you just how much business they mean too: flat cables, matte colours, three bold designs, and good prices is enough to make any Monster shake – at least a little bit.

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SurvivorX in Review – An eXtraordinary dual-stick shooter

The AppStore is teaming with dual-stick shooters of all kinds. In such a competitive market it’s quite difficult to get a sufficient foothold in the genre, especially with most titles at the rock bottom price of $0.99. Despite this ZENUXLAB have joined the ranks of indie teams reaching for the gold with the release of SurvivorX ambitiously dubbed “best dual stick arcade kill’em-all game”.

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Pulse News Reader Review: News for the Laid-Back

I can’t live without my news. But you know what? Not everyone is like me. In fact, some very well-adjusted people can be quite happy with a casual approach to newsfeeds and just subscribe to a handful of sources that interest them. Pulse News Reader and its iPhone cousin, Pulse News Mini were designed for such people. I didn’t think I’d find much value in it, but I was wrong, Pulse is surprisingly fun!

I think the words of the developer captures the Pulse experience perfectly, “While a traditional RSS reader is usually about consuming as much content as possible, Pulse is all about leisurely enjoying your daily news with a cup of coffee.”

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Things and Things for iPad in Review – Task Management Maestros

Back in late 2007 I ran across a free public alpha of a Mac program called Things from a small German company called Cultured Code. People were raving about it because unlike most To-Do list productivity apps at the time, which were complex and tedious to use, Things was designed to provide an intuitive interface for quickly entering and managing tasks such that the process did not get in the way of getting work done.

During the summer of 2008, Things for iPhone ($9.99) was among the first apps in the App Store and it quickly became one of its most successful productivity apps. When the iPad was released last April, Cultured Code was ready with Things for iPad ($19.99) from day one. The developers at Cultured Code should be applauded for not straying from their original design goals as they’ve moved Things into the mobile world.

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Service Alarm In Review – Sussing signal for your iPhone

We’ve all heard about the iPhone 4’s reception issues. Although that specific scenario is a result of the now known “death grip”, signal issues can still arise on any phone all on their own. I travel a fair bit and anyone that visits rural areas knows that sometimes you can spend forever just trying to catch a signal. Thanks to Synzian’s Service Alarm, your phone can let you know when you’ve got a good signal.
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Quell In Review – a persistently peculiar puzzler!

You can never have too many puzzle games – at least that’s my philosophy. So when I was shown Quell, the first title from developers Fallen Tree Games I was more than happy to try it out. With over 70 levels and a promise to be both addictive AND challenging, Quell was on a pedestal before I had even downloaded it. Read on to see if it lived up to it’s own hype.

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Hot Reversi HD in Review– Hot Piece Action, By Yourself Or With A Friend!

Reversi, also known by many under the trade name “Othello” is a board-game traditionally involving an 8 by 8 board, dark and light pieces, and hours of endless strategy. The main goal in Reversi is to get your pieces to cover the majority of the board. This game has been seen and played on just about every platform/OS/device in the digital world and most recently I was able to get my hands on one of the latest iterations Hot Reversi HD by developers nenet.

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Golden Photography impressions: Golden Hour and The Photographer’s Ephemeris


Not the perfectest of shots, but made possible thanks to Golden Hour

A recent trip to Canada changed my life in many ways. Firstly, it severed the ties I had to a silly corporate decision; and secondly, it put an iPad into my hands. Thanks to Apple’s “magical” device, I’ve been able to take gigabytes and gigabytes of photos (though I’ve uploaded only a few to my flickr account), sort them, and offload them later to my lappy, that foul tool that I no longer have to carry around. Along the way, I picked up two interesting iPhone/iPod touch apps: The Photographer’s Ephemeris and Golden Hour. Both tools do the same basic thing: tell where in the sky the sun is; it’s how they do them that is the interesting bit.

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FileMaker Go In Review – Mobile database management for fileMaker manipulators!

When it comes to database management there’s no question in my mind that FileMaker is one of the best companies out there. A little over a year ago, I reviewed their app Bento for the iPhone and thought it was a great tool for both seasoned databasers and newcomers looking to simplify and better organise their lives. Well recently, the folks at FileMaker have released FileMaker Go catered to those seasoned users for all 3 iOS devices.
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