Red Bull Racing FREE for the weekend + Contest

To Kick off the Red Bull Racing Contest, developer Artificial Life have made their solid F1 racer Red Bull Racing Challenge FREE for a very limited time (26th-28th). There are actually 2 contests running, both of which can be entered by tapping the “Contest” button in-game.

Season Contest lasts throughout the whole grand prix season from March 26 to November 13. Contestant with the best cumulative time records of all laps shall be the winner and shall be rewarded with the grand prize, i.e. a day tour at the team’s Factory and the simulator experience.

The Grand Prix Contests, however, are 17 separate contests run over the grand prix weekends. Prizes for the winners of each Grand Prix Contest include official team merchandises and autographed cards from Red Bull Racing’s drivers Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber.

For true racing fans, a chance at touring Red Bull’s Factory AND test driving their team simulator is pretty sweet indeed. Even if you don’t end up winning any of the other official prizes, scoring Red Bull Racing Challenge for free this weekend ain’t a bad deal at all. Full contest details and alternate entry methods can be found right here.

Red Bull Racing Challenge Artificial Life, Inc., Red Bull Racing Challenge (TMA Review) – Free

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Raging Thunder 2 – Now burning both iDevice and Android tyres

Finger-shift into gear 6 ladies and gents as Raging Thunder 2 squeals into the App Store AND the Android Marketplace. Swedish dev, Polarbit AB, had mad success with the first Raging Thunder, but its sequel has been rigged with better graphics, effects, even more single player missions and lots ‘n lots of upgrade possibilities.

Raging Thunder 2 Polarbit, Raging Thunder 2 – $4.99

Piccies and press after the gap:

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Red Bull Racing Challenge In Review – Energy Drinks And Fast Cars, Great Combination!

For anyone not in the know, Red Bull Racing was born from the sale of the Jaguar racing team to the Red Bull Corp. Having already invested many years in “open-wheel” racing with the Sauber team and their young drivers programs, this was the chance for them to run their own show, which they have with much success. Now, developer Artificial Life have partnered with the storied brand to bring you one of the latest racing titles to hit the app store. With other successful major partnerships under their belt (e.g. PANDORUM). Read on to see if Red Bull Racing Challenge is able to take the checkered flag.

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Speed Forge Extreme in Review – Mars meets Thunderdome meets Death Race!

I’ve had a real addiction to racing games since before the holidays. I’ve probably picked up at least a half dozen different titles in the last few weeks. Whether your in a boat, car or plane, it’s all good. Most recently I was able to get my hands on Speed Forge Extreme, a space-themed racer from powerhouse developers Chillingo. Read on to see if life on Mars results in a win.

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The App Store’s Best Racing game

If RPGs get your brains bending, racers boil your blood. They spin you down the most pristine of roads, the strangest of alien avenues – the wildest of rides. Oftentimes, they are all-out guts-to-glory races to the finish line; they grind your un-manicured fingernails to fine capacitive dust; they simply have no equal for burning calories  and having fun at the same time – at least on the iDevice.

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Robbie Williams Racing in Review – Racing with the stars


I used to intensely dislike Robbie Williams for a good number of years – I honestly couldn’t understand why this ex-Take That member and quintessential bad boy had the world at his feet. I hated nearly all of his songs, avoided his videos and wondered about Gary Barlow instead. It was until I heard his fantastic cover of “My Way” many years later that I begrudgingly conceded that Robbie Williams had truly emerged from his ‘boy band’ roots and bad boy ways to become a great artist in his own right.

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Rally Master Pro 3D in Review – the fight of the navigator


Fishlabs have pulled out all the stops with Rally Master Pro 3D (RMP), a realistic, and edgy racer. Forget what you have learned in hitherto pedal-to-the-metal driving sims like Asphalt 5 and Need for Speed Undercover – RMP starts with speed and adds a dash of “watch out!” for a difficult, but brilliant racing concoction . No fly-by-wire steering system, no easy to drive cars, and absolutely no hand-holding…

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Asphalt 5 in Review – full throttle, 5-star racing


Fast, gaudy, and ultimately, cliffhanger, Asphalt 5 proves that Gameloft’s progenitive grasp on the racing genre hasn’t slowed down. Purist racing sim fans may take issue with its arcady, over-the-top racing engine, but if I may be so bold, I would like to declare Asphalt 5 the series’ best game, and a technological marvel for the iDevice. Racing on this platform has never been this fun, nor looked this good.

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Rally Master Pro debut – time to get muddy

Race fans, Fishlabs’ Rally Master Pro 3D has just been released! If you like punk rock, mud, head banging, and racing, this may just be your title. It features a large selection of tracks with varied terrain, weather, and damage modelling. In case you have forgotten, Fishlabs are the innovative minds behind Galaxy on Fire.

Fishlabs, Rally Master Pro, 6.99$, 31.7 MB
Rally Master Pro 3D (US)

For more info and screenies, follow the gap.

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BMW Sauber F1 Team Racing 09 in Review – Grade A F1 goodness


Asphalt 4 woke me up to iPhone gaming as it burst through mental barriers which had held me to an archaic need for buttons. Since then, racing games for the platform have evolved and consequently, my need for buttons has dissolved along with the residual need for something to mash. BMW Sauber F1 Team 2009 is barely a couple of weeks old, but already it is skid-marking the hallowed tarmac of very realistic F1 stages, proving the validity not only of realistic race simulations, but of collaborative works.

Before I get to the meat and potatoes of this game, don’t forget to check out Artificial Life’s BMW Sauber F1 Contest which goes on till 1 November. Prizes are nothing short of amazing: replica Sauber F1 steering wheel, official BMW Sauber team-signed overalls, and original BMW Sauber F1 wet/rain rim!


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