R TYPE in Review – blowing a nostalgic hole in your apps

Talk a out a walk on the old school side. After toggling R TYPE’s icon, I was treated to the most embarrassing flashbacks of bad hairdo’s, rebellious clothes, and Kurt Cobain’s whiny trill. Yep, back when R TYPE was en rage on the SNES, I was a very dedicated teenager. I also happened to sneak my way into friends’ houses to blow things up on screen since I just didn’t have a SNES. Thanks to Electronic Arts, however, R TYPE, the virtual time machine, is hot in the hands of wanna-be teenagers the world over!

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [Aug 23 – 29]

This past week saw a couple significant releases from some big players as well as some really strong releases from popular indie developers.  First up is R-Type, one of the most lauded old school shooters of all time.  If you’re a shooter fan but want something a little more “modern” there’s Dodonpachi Resurrection (you’ll need one of the latest generation of iDevices to run this bad boy).  For the RPG fans we have Phantasy Star II, a retro release that lets you experience the 80s Sega Master System phenomenon just as it was meant to be right on your iPhone.  Chillingo also released Knight’s Rush, the third in a series of casual games featuring anime inspired medieval characters and lots of action.  And naturally there are plenty of options for those who want something not mentioned in the above list as well.

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First Look: R-Type set to land on iPhone and iPod Touch

R-Type, arguably the sweetest side-scrolling shooter to grace any video game console over the past 2 decades, will be making its way to the App Store as a faithful port of the original arcade hit.  EA Mobile will be publishing this hotly anticipated shooter and we’ve been sent several screenshots of this upcoming title. Some of the features will include:

  • Blast off and strike the evil Bydo Empire. Pilot a futuristic fighter, the R-9a “Arrowhead,” and attack wave after wave of Bydo baddies in old-school side-shooter style
  • Wide variety of different power ups and ship upgrades
  • Includes original arcade game features including eight unique levels with 8 different bosses each and three different controls – tilt, touch and virtual D-Pad
  • 3 different control modes and multiple difficulty modes

So far, no word on exact pricing and release date, but it is said to be “coming soon”. Fans of R-Type hopefully won’t have to wait long to relive this 80’s arcade phenomenon right from their iDevice. More screenies after the break.

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