Quick Pick: Thesaurus Rex by Dictionary.com

Thesaurus Rex iphone app

Whether you’re a student, writer or just someone who likes using big words, the Thesaurus is undoubtedly one of the best tools to have around. The largest resource on the web is Thesaurus.com (owned by Dictionary.com), and they’ve recently released Thesaurus Rex, a universal iOS app that has 550,000 synonyms & antonyms and features several handy functions, like sorting by relevance or A-Z, filtering results in real time by complexity, and more.

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Infuse in Review – A beautiful video player for the iPhone and iPad


Infuse is the latest play-it-all video player app to hit the App Store. Long gone are the days when you first need to convert non-MP4 files before importing them for viewing on the iDevice. Infuse doesn’t just play 14 different video file formats, it’s also hands down the best looking app of its kind on iOS, it syncs with your trakt.tv account, and importing subtitles for TV shows or movies is an absolute breeze.

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Quick Pick: Frequency ~ Tune in, Watch Videos

Have you ever found yourself jumping from app to app, or webpage to webpage watching online videos from various sources? If so, you need Frequency. It’s similar to Zite in that it aggregates news content under one roof, but instead of articles, you’ll find videos. Lots of them.

Frequency finds, organizes and delivers all the video you care about. Instead of going to all of your favorite websites, social networks and apps to watch the latest videos, this 5-Star app brings the best of everything to you on your iPad or iPhone.

With Frequency, you can watch video from all your favorite online sources on your favorite topics: news, comedy, entertainment, food, fashion, health, music, sports, technology and much more. You can also watch videos your friends share with you on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and from your YouTube account.

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Quick Pick: Flexibits’ Fantastical for iPhone

Left: DayTicker view lets you easily view upcoming events/appointments
Right: Adding an event with help of Flexibits’ natural language engine

Flexibits, developers of the excellent Fantastical app for Mac OS (my favorite calendar app by far on the Mac thanks to its beautiful and unobtrusive design), has finally released the long-awaited Fantastical for iPhone. What makes Fantastical special? For starters, its natural language engine rocks, and this feature has made its way on to the iPhone. So you can type (or dictate if your iDevice supports it) events like “Have lunch with Bob at 123 Awesome blvd. next Monday at 1pm” and the app will enter all the appropriate details for you. In addition, Fantastical’s unique DayTicker UI makes it a breeze to view your past/upcoming schedule at a glance.

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Quick Pick: PDF Cabinet for iPad

Besides using my iPad 3 for surfing the web, working on TMA articles when I’m on the road or watching movies/TV shows, I love my PDF apps for reading ebooks, documents and magazines. For the longest time, my two favorite have been the ever reliable GoodReader and PDF Expert. However, I recently came across a lesser known app in the crowded genre by Com-Tec-Co - PDF Cabinet – and it’s quickly won me over. Not only is it well designed, but it’s also got one of the most intuitive and easy to use annotations interface I’ve come across.

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