iPhone iOS 4 Jailbroken with PwnageTool 3.1.5

Apple are losing the battle. Leak after leak, their stronghouse is dripping away. This time, it isn’t stolen hardware; it’s iOS 4 that’s been fed to the wolves. The latest GM release just got out the doors today, so it’s pretty safe to say that Apple haven’t patched the security holes that allowed the original iOS 4 beta to be jailbreaked. Anyway, this jailbreak release isn’t the official badboy – that will be released later this month. If you are some sort of iPhone Jailbreaking freak who knows all the do’s and don’t’s, then have at it and let iOS 4 hang with the Spirit of the iPad.

Thanks iPhone DevTeam

Trials of the Second Coming of the Jesus Phone – OS 3.0 Cracked and Public


No reason to be long-winded with this one: my words will go one ear and out t’ other. The iPhone Dev Team have just released their new OS 3.0 hack-able software. However, it is recommended to know what service you need before delving into the convolutions of an unlock. Read the information after the jump very carefully and follow the team’s website before you make any rash decision as the unlock will currently render your non-kosher carrier service useless.

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