Puzzlings in Review – Addiction in Game Form


I’ve made my current interest in puzzle games known in my previous reviews, and I’m willing to try lots of different puzzlers in my quest to find one that feeds those necessary qualities to really keep me coming back for more. Azkend and Aurora Fient almost did it – they’re both fantastic games – but Puzzlings uses the “gotta collect ‘em all” mentality to ensure it digs its claws into you and keeps you hooked.

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Puzzlings twists into the App Store

Sonic Boom, creator of the excellent Redneck Fishin’, Kill All Bugs! and iZombie: Death March, have briefly toned down their addicting and violent games to focus on a unique twist to the puzzle genre. Perhaps, I should call it Mr. Puzzle Potato. Anyway, this new game is quite the mélange of genres that is sure to be an addictive twist for puzzle fans. Follow the jump for the press release.

Sonic Boom, Puzzlings, 2.99$, 17.1 MB

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