Bumble Tales in Review – bumbling towards ecstasy

Bumble Tales 1

Just like in the play Gypsy (yes, you people need to step outside and watch a play occasionally – don’t worry, you can take your ipod with you) “you gotta get a gimmick” if you’re going to play in the match-3 puzzle game space anymore. The field is just too crowded, so you need something to separate you from the pack. Bumble Tales does have a gimmick, but ultimately it could have been used to better effect.

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Burst The Bubble in Review – A Rotating Bubble Popping Bonanza

burst-the-bubble-review1The key to any good casual or “pick up and play” type of game is addictive gameplay and frustration-free controls. Not to mention, something that is challenging enough to keep you interested, yet not so difficult that you feel the need to yank all your hair out. Burst The Bubble, developed by NotOnlyButAlso, is the latest casual (bubble popping) game I’ve gotten my hands on. Read on to see how it did and find out if my proverbial bubble was burst.

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Puzzlegeddon in review – it’s puzzle Armageddon!

Puzzlegeddon 1

I’ve played lots of app store puzzle games now, so it’s taking more and more new ideas for a game to really catch my attention. Puzzlegeddon does a good job of introducing some new elements to the mix: a twist on the puzzle mechanics of color-matching as well as a bit of an added role-play/strategy element. And while an it’s ultimately an enjoyable game in and of itself, there are also a few things that keep it from being a complete homerun.

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Mystery Mania in Review – A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery


You know, I am an adventure games junkie. I love to keep my grey matter pumping and I love point-and-click games. Unfortunately, the iPhone has a serious lack of those. Thankfully, EA (that is Electronic Arts for those, living in a tank) decided to step and fill the void at least a little bit. Introducing, Mystery Mania!

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Moonlights in Review – The game that brings out the beast in you… Not!

moonlights-review-mainYou know, sometimes the plethora of complex adventure and/or mindless action games really get to me. And these are the times I really strive for something more calm and relaxing. These are the games that sooth your mind, allow you to get your thoughts in order and at the same time provide enough challenge to keep you focused. One of such games is Moonlights, a game about a raving werewolf, calmly devouring everyone and everything it encounters… Just kidding!

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Cannons in Review – A Real Blast!

Review-Game-cannons-01I’ve spoken before of my love for puzzle games. I think they are great time-killers and when well-designed, can be loads of fun. Recently, I’ve been pretty lucky finding great titles like GreenFingers, Cubit and Electric Box. Today I was able to get my hands on the latest game from Readdle, Cannons. At its base it’s not a new game concept, but the way they’ve designed and executed it definitely sets it apart.

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Sushi Mayhem in Review – Fresh Concept, Raw Gameplay


It’s hard to argue that the match-3 genre of games isn’t popular in the App-Store, but it’s true that it’s increasingly difficult to create a good match-3 game. There are so many titles available at the moment that, to the casual player, it’s very tough to find something just right to play. As a match-3 maniac gamer, I’ve played quite a few of the big titles (Bejeweled 2, Treasures of Montezuma, The Rise of Atlantis, just to name a few) and it’s easy to see how some people might get lost in the seemingly endless gameplay.

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Mezopuzzle in Review – slip sliding away

Mezopuzzle 1

I’ve heard some comments that ‘oh, it’s just another slider-puzzle game’. The funny thing is, maybe there are a lot of slider-puzzle games in the app store, but I haven’t played any of them. Maybe they just didn’t catch my eye the way Mezopuzzle did, but I’m glad I tried this one; and if you’re looking for a lengthy game with a good degree of difficulty, it should be on your radar as well.

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Match 3D Flick Puzzle in Review – get your 3D glasses

Match 3D 1

I wasn’t too impressed with Match 3D Flick Puzzle at first. Yet another match 3 game, and it has very limited controls (really you can only swap one adjacent block for another). Even the cube aspect with multiple sides didn’t do much for me at first, as the endless waves of blocks just kept falling down and filling it in. And then I discovered ‘Survival’ mode, and a whole new game experience opened up for me – one that is far more appealing and gives this game the edge it needs in such a crowded genre.

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