Sexy FindIT in Review – uncovering that spot


Earlier this year, I reviewed FindIT, an extremely hi-res ‘spot the difference’ app which dazzled with smashing photographs, but frustrated with a spotty menu system. Well Granet have come back with a shot from the hip: Sexy FindIT is bittier and cheaper than the original. And I prefer it for reasons which are more than just skin deep…

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Groovin’ Blocks in Review – Match 3 to a different beat

Groovin Blocks 1

Groovin’ Blocks is another mash-up of genres, this time a mix of puzzle and rhythm music games like Rock Band and Guitar Rock Tour. And it’s a successful merger – producing a game that’s got a unique visual and audio style. If that sounds like it might appeal to you, click on through to get my thoughts.

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Hopido in Review – Oh hoppy day!

Hopido 1

Hopido is another one of those simple to learn puzzle games that becomes more and more complex as you get into the higher levels. It’s a great brain teaser, the kind of game you can spend hours playing, but broken up into as many quick sessions as you’d like. It’s not the flashiest game you’ll find in the app store, but it doesn’t really need to be, and I’ll tell you why after the break.

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Bust-A-Move in Review – Classic Bubble Popping Brilliance!


Bust-A-Move (aka Puzzle Bobble) is probably one of the most widely known games around. With releases on virtually every platform as well as arcade and mobile devices over the last +15 years, it’s hard not to find someone who hasn’t played it or heard of it. The game’s most recent conquest is found on the iPlatform. Puzzle fans, get ready for a new definitive addiction in your favourite genre.

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Yumsters! 2 in Review – Yummy Yummy, Lucky Tummy

Yumsters 1

Yumsters! 2 is different from most puzzle games we get from the App store – for starters, this is not a match 3 game. Secondly, with it’s colorful characters and simple story, it’s got a very kid friendly vibe – much like Bumble Tales. Yumsters! 2 also fits into that category of hybrid games – combination puzzle and music game. So what kind of a game does this all add up to? Find out after the break.

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Abductor in Review – trick or treat ‘em for the alien nation

Review-Games-Abductor-IMG_0783Trick or treat! Humble Gaming have dropped Abductor, a candy-coated alien game to the App Store just in time for Halloween. It is match-three with a few otherworldly quirks which fit the holiday quite well. The first is the story. Basically, aliens landed on earth and intrigued by holiday, abducted anything which looks or tastes of Halloween. The second quirk is the strict guidelines which run the game only until overturned by one of the pumpkin heads (don’t worry, we’ll get to that).

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Bumble Tales in Review – bumbling towards ecstasy

Bumble Tales 1

Just like in the play Gypsy (yes, you people need to step outside and watch a play occasionally – don’t worry, you can take your ipod with you) “you gotta get a gimmick” if you’re going to play in the match-3 puzzle game space anymore. The field is just too crowded, so you need something to separate you from the pack. Bumble Tales does have a gimmick, but ultimately it could have been used to better effect.

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