The JBnator Diaries – Fixing Push Notifications and YouTube on “hacktivated” phones


Hello again, folks – your guru of jailbreaking here! And today I’ll tackle the problem which rendered Push and YouTube inoperable on “hacktivated” iPhones. I referenced it in my last article on upgrading jailbroken phones. Well, there’s always a way out and I’m gonna tell all!

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RSSPush in Review – Feed Your Feed Read Need!

review-news-rsspush-rsspush1RSS feeds are extremely popular nowadays, and there’s no shortage of readers available in the app store.  The problem is that if you don’t know the specific feeds that you are interested in, the task of picking and choosing can be quite tedious. DNet Telecom has come with a solution to both solve the problem of needing a reader as well as simplify the task of choosing feeds.

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