App Rejections: who is in charge? Editorial

(The above video is not my iPod)

Ages ago, when Pull My Finger, a gas of an app whose cheese was cut by Apple for having ‘limited usability’ made waves on internet, the App Store was still young. Now, with over 10 000 apps in its library, the App Store is a gigantic katamari ball for both good and crap software. Need we more evidence than last Christmas when a farting app made the top ten seller list, touting features like, “the sick dog”?

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The App Store has Opened the Gates of… Flatulence

Air-o-matic made headlines a little while back when its ‘Pull My Finger‘ app was rejected from the Apple. It wasn’t just any app mind you. It had one mission and one alone: to make farting sounds on the iPhone. Why was it turned away by the App Store that houses more than 10,000 apps? Apple said the reason was for its “limited utility”. Well it seems like they have had a change of heart as Pull My Finger is back at the App Store. Not only is it back, but with a vengeance and is currently sitting at the no. 7 spot of Top Paid apps.

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