Wild Wild Train now free for a limited time

wildwildtrain-update15Tired of all those games on your iPhone/iPod Touch, but don’t feel like spending any money today on more apps? Well developer Promo Ideas’ Wild Wild Train is just your ticket then if you’re on the look out for an app that’ll keep you entertained and occupied. To celebrate their first update, they have dropped their price to FREE and now anyone can play this delightful game.

Wild Wild Train is an action-puzzle-strategy game that allows you to manage up to 3 trains while try to avoid crashes as you pickup several kinds of different color-coded cargo which then needs to be delivered to the station with the corresponding color before time runs out.

First levels are kind of easy, but don’t let this fool you; sooner than later you’ll be dealing with up to 3 trains, bombs and damsels popping up everywhere, and enough track switches on screen to make your head spin.

If you enjoy management/puzzle type games that are fun and well designed, I highly suggest you download Wild Wild Train and give this good solid game a go. With its current price tag, you definitely can’t go wrong with this great deal.

Promo Ideas, Wild Wild Train, Free, 68.6 MB
Wild Wild Train

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