Twitter + Tower Defense = Tweet Defense

Just yesterday, shigzeo pointed out how social networking functionality has fast become a gaming necessity. “Implement them, and gamers take notice. Implement them not, and gamers take notice.” Heck, even a non-game developer recently decided to include OpenFeint in its productivity app. Enter Tweet Defense, a brand new and highly “original” TD game that makes use of Twitter in a big way.

Use your Twitter activity as your in-game stats to fight off waves of the undead! Tweet Defense tosses ridiculous killer zombies and your twitter stats into a tower defense blender for a delicious brainy, viral juice mix.

This isn’t just a twitter client that lets you tweet your score. This is a full on TD game that uses your friend list and your tweeting activity to impact how powerful your towers are.

While it’s true that not everyone cares for social networking in their games, it can enhance its replay value and help create a sense of community. For the hardcore twitter addicts and TD junkies out there, Tweet Defense maybe worth checking out, especially with its friendly price of $0.99. And for those who don’t have a twitter account, fear not, as the game can still be enjoyed without one.  More piccies and info after the gap.

Tweet Defense Promethium Marketing Group, Tweet Defense – $0.99

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