App Update: Appigo’s Todo 3.0 now supports Push Notification + Walkthrough

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When I first switched over to the iPhone 3G from my Sony Erricson P910i (bless that phone), one of the things I missed most was the ability of programs to run in the background. My primary need on the P910i was for third party Todo apps to notify me of reminders/events via a screen pop up (along with a sound) even when they were “closed”. While the iPhone still doesn’t support apps running in the background, the introduction of the Push Notification feature with the 3.0 OS update has helped solve this particular issue. Thankfully, Appigo’s Todo (one of the most robust and fully featured todo app we reviewed here) now supports Push and users can FINALLY get instant pop up alerts of upcoming tasks, no matter what it is they’re doing on their iDevice. For those not familiar with the push feature, I have included a mini run-down on how to get it up and running with the Todo app.

Appigo, Todo, $9.99, 1.6MB

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