Appigo’s Todo task manager now supports iOS 4 features


Appigo’s Todo, a highly capable and fully featured task management app for the iPhone/iPod Touch has just received a significant update that finally takes full advantage of iOS 4.0. Todo now supports Hi-Res graphics for the Retina Display, multitasking, ability to create multiple alerts per task and even local notification. For those who rely on Todo to keep track of their busy work schedules, these new additions will undoubtedly make the app even more handy.

Coinciding with this 4.0 update, Appigo has also launched their new Todo Online service, which allows for over-the-air Cloud sync for all your iDevices that run Todo. The asking price for this new feature will cost $19.99, and a 14 day trial subscription is also available. Make sure you grab this update if you’ve already purchased the app.

Todo Appigo, Todo (TMA Review), 5.4 MB – $4.99
Todo Lite Appigo, Todo Lite, 5.5 MB – Free

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Nubi Do (ToDo List / Task Manager) now FREE for limited time

One of the great things about the iDevice is that you can count on plenty of Todo type apps to help you get organized and (hopefully) be more productive. One such app happens to be Gennubi’s Nubi Do and it’s now FREE for a limited time. While it wasn’t built from the ground up using David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology in mind (unlike Nozbe and OmniFocus), Nubi sports a clean and uncluttered interface and has plenty of useful features – some of which include:

  • Import/Export to Google™ Docs Spreadsheet.
  • Sort and filter tasks instantly at a touch of a finger (or manually sort tasks)
  • Assign priorities and due dates.
  • Create and assign tags and contexts.
  • Lock & passcode protect individual todo lists.
  • Full screen note viewer with data detection (linkable email/web addresses etc)

One feature missing is Push Notification for set reminders, but if it’s not a deal breaker for you, Nubi Do is a great choice for what it does. Its import/export function, full screen note viewer and ability to password protect projects/lists (among other things) makes it one of the better todo apps I’ve come across on the App Store. With it’s current price tag of $0 (previously $9.99), productivity hounds and those who need a task manager shouldn’t miss out on this sweet offer.

Nubi Do (ToDo List / Task Manager) Gennubi, Nubi Do (ToDo List / Task Manager), 1.5 MB – Free

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Splashtop Remote Desktop In Review – Games, PC Apps, and yes Flash! On Your iPad!

Remote desktop software such as RDM+ is something that I’ve used off and on for years. Having the ability to be in one room on my laptop and access my desktop in another room allows me to increase productivity and processing capapbilites significantly. Thanks to Splashtop Remote Desktop you can mirror that convienence all on your iPad.

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Things and Things for iPad in Review – Task Management Maestros

Back in late 2007 I ran across a free public alpha of a Mac program called Things from a small German company called Cultured Code. People were raving about it because unlike most To-Do list productivity apps at the time, which were complex and tedious to use, Things was designed to provide an intuitive interface for quickly entering and managing tasks such that the process did not get in the way of getting work done.

During the summer of 2008, Things for iPhone ($9.99) was among the first apps in the App Store and it quickly became one of its most successful productivity apps. When the iPad was released last April, Cultured Code was ready with Things for iPad ($19.99) from day one. The developers at Cultured Code should be applauded for not straying from their original design goals as they’ve moved Things into the mobile world.

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LogMeIn Ignition updated, adds virtual mouse option to iPad

Virtual onscreen mouse

LogMeIn Ignition (TMA Review), arguably one of the best remote access and desktop control apps on the iDevice, has just been updated with some user interface improvements. For those not familiar, LogMeIn allows users to log into their desktop/laptops and work off them remotely on their iDevice, regardless of where they are. The most notable change in the update (v1.1.170) is the addition of the Direct navigation mode on the iPad. As you can see from the screenshot above, a virtual onscreen mouse is present once Direct control is enabled in the settings. Simply touch and drag the mouse to move the desktop cursor, and tapping on the edges will duplicate a left and right mouse click function. This new feature is definitely welcome on the iPad as users can now control the cursor (while zoomed in) without having to pan the screen every time its moved.

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FileMaker Go In Review – Mobile database management for fileMaker manipulators!

When it comes to database management there’s no question in my mind that FileMaker is one of the best companies out there. A little over a year ago, I reviewed their app Bento for the iPhone and thought it was a great tool for both seasoned databasers and newcomers looking to simplify and better organise their lives. Well recently, the folks at FileMaker have released FileMaker Go catered to those seasoned users for all 3 iOS devices.
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ReaddleDocs For iPad In Review – Reading and Reviewing With Readdle Is Remarkable!

One of the first things I thought the iPad would be good for was reading my PDFs. Whether it’s work or personal, I have a lot of manuals, paperwork and magazines in PDF format and hate not being able to have them on me at all times. Readdle is no stranger to the App Store. Having already seen great success with their iPhone apps (including the very popular ReaddleDocs for the iPhone) I was extremely pleased to see that they were remaking their premier document reading app for the iPad .
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Office² HD In Review – My 2nd portable office

Back in March I reviewed Office² for the iPhone. It was a great app that provided me with all the office tools that I used on a regular basis – word documents and spreadsheets. And recently I had the opportunity to review the latest creation from developers ByteSquared, Office² HD. As expected it’s a remake of their popular iPhone app, developed specifically for the iPad.

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Air Display In Review – Extending Any Desktop Anytime, Anywhere

One of the pitfalls of any PC or Mac is usable screen space. It’s not always practical to add another monitor to your setup and in some cases, you just don’t have the room. Thankfully, with Avatron Software’s Air Display (developers of popular storage app Air Sharing) you can turn that pretty new iPad into an on-the-spot extension of any display within seconds.

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Instapaper Pro in Review – All of the world wide web in your pocket… offline!

Reading has increasingly become a dying pastime in the current age of TV and Podcasting. Almost the only real place I can find the opportunity to enjoy it is on the commute to work and back. How great it is to enjoy a good long article from the comfort of my iDevice. And here I often run into a problem – no data coverage. Frustrated at the greedy mobile operators, stealing my only chance of broadening my horizons I set out on a quest to find an answer. And I did – Instapaper Pro!

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