Agenda Calendar updates to 3.0 with new (and faster) Add Events Interface

App Savvy’s Agenda Calendar has been on the App Store for nearly a year now and thanks to various updates, the app has continued to receive improvements and features. It’s already one of the easiest calendar apps to navigate around (simply swipe left/right to move between year/month/week/day views), and now, with the 3.0 update, the developers have made it significantly faster to create events.

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Remarks updated with realistic handwriting and automatic sync feature

Readdle’s Remarks, one of the best notetaking/annotation apps for the iPad, has been updated to v1.3 and received 2 new features:

  • New realistic handwriting with variable stroke width
  • Automatic sync with Dropbox, WebDAV, GoogleDocs

Handwriting now looks significantly better than before, and depending how quickly you write, the strokes will have ‘variable widths’. A simple upgrade to be sure but it does make your handwriting look remarkably more realistic. Since updating the app last night, I’ve found annotating freehand on PDF files even more enjoyable. The automatic sync feature is also a handy new addition, where any changes made to files within the Dropbox/Google Docs designated folder will automatically be saved and synced. Remarks 1.3 is a free update for those who already own the app, otherwise, $4.99 for new users.

Remarks - Write notes and Annotate PDFs Readdle, Remarks – Write notes and Annotate PDFs – $4.99

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Dropbox now offers 500MB for every referral

For all you Dropbox users, every referral you make will now net you an extra 500MB (up from 250MB) of storage space. From the Dropbox blog:

Today, we’re really happy to announce that we’ve doubled the amount of free space you get for inviting friends to Dropbox!

How much space is that, exactly? For every friend you invite that installs Dropbox, you’ll both get 500 MB of free space. If you’ve got a free account, you can invite up to 32 people for a whopping total of 16 GB of extra space. Pro accounts now earn 1 GB per referral, for a total of 32 GB of extra space. Have you already invited a bunch of people? Don’t worry. Within a few days, you’ll get full credit for every referral that’s already been completed. Boom!

The best part about this increase in free space is that all existing referrals you’ve already made will also count. So if you previously had 6GB of space on your free account, you should now have 12GB for storing ebooks and other documents.

iPad (Retina) App Updates Roundup: PDF Expert, Facebook, Nook, Air Display and Upad

Over the past 24 hours, several notable iPad apps were updated to include support for the new iPad’s retina display. PDF Expert, my favorite PDF reader/annotator on the iPad, also received a great new feature – Document Thumbnails. Now all files are shown as thumbnails and moving PDFs around (i.e into folders) can be done via simple drag ‘n drops. Another anticipated update came from Air Display, where turning on the “HiDPI mode” on your Mac OS Lion will essentially turn that new iPad into a gorgeous 2048 x 1536 secondary display for your iMac/Macbook. Check out the complete “what’s new” for these updated apps after the break.

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Business Alarm Clock helps you conquer multiple time zones

RV AppStudios, makers of the 200+ in 1 : AppBundle! utility, have released a unique clock app that looks to solve the iPhone’s inability to set alarms based on different time zones. With Business Alarm Clock, you can do just that. So if you have a conference call to make at 11AM London time, simply set the event reminder for that particular time zone, and never have to worry about manually calculating what time that’d be in your city. Aside from being able to add multiple city alarms, you can also add individual notes, check weather conditions and set the alarm to play as a ringtone or song. Seems like a handy app to have around for those have to deal with clients/colleagues/family members from various time zones. Business Alarm Clock is now available on the App Store for $1.99.

Business Alarm Clock RV AppStudios, Business Alarm Clock, – $1.99

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ReaddleDocs for iPhone updated to 3.1 with redesigned interface

ReaddleDocs, one of the most popular and versatile file manager apps for the iPhone, has just been updated to version 3.1.

ReaddleDocs is all-in-one document reader for iPhone and iPod Touch.

It can catch documents from any source you can imagine: PC or Mac computers, web sites, email attachments, iDisk, Dropbox and other online file storages and even iPhones. All files are saved to your iPhone or iPod Touch locally so you can enjoy reading them anywhere!

Among it’s most obvious change is the complete redesign of the interface, which quite frankly, looks significantly better than the previous versions. Other additions include a now separate iCloud Tab, a new Recents folder and playlists support and background mode for its MP3 player. This update is now available on the App Store and free for those who’ve already purchased it. Otherwise, this excellent file manager will set you back $4.99. Full list of “What’s new” can be found below.

ReaddleDocs (documents/attachments viewer and file manager) Readdle, ReaddleDocs – $4.99

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Byword released for iPhone and iPad

Byword, a popular writing tool for Mac OS, has now landed on the iPhone and iPad as a universal app. Like its big brother on the Mac, Byword for iOS is beautifully designed and supports John Gruber’s Markdown syntax (markup language that easily lets you convert plain text format into XHTML or HTML). More importantly, the iOS version features iCloud and Dropbox syncing. What this means is that you’ll be able to write on your iMac/Macbook, then step away and pick up right where you off on the iPhone or iPad. Other features include word and character counters, auto-wrapping for parenthesis, brackets and quotes, and even support for TextExpander. Byword is now available on the App Store and is currently on sale for $2.99, down from it’s original price of $5.99.

Byword Metaclassy, Byword, – $2.99

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Kicksend lets you send up to 30 photos and files at a time on your iPhone

If you’re one of the many iOS users who often wish they could quickly send a bunch of photos and videos in one shot (iOS 5 only allows up to 5 pics and 1 video to be sent per email), you definitely want to check out Kicksend — a new Dropbox-like service that makes it easy to share pictures, videos, documents and other files. With the Kicksend app installed on your iPhone, you can send out up to 30 images and various files in one go. Perhaps even more importantly, Kicksend gives you the option of sending the photos in its original state (uncompressed), and various quality settings can also be chosen if you wish.

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Clear, the gesture-based Todo app, now available on App Store

Realmac Software, the devs behind Courier and RapidWeaver for the Mac, have just released Clear for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Designed with simplicity in mind, Clear is unlike any other Todo apps for the iDevice in that are all actions are gesture-driven (there are no buttons or icons for navigation). To create a new task, you can pull down with your finger, or pinch to move between lists. As for prioritizing your items, a color-coded “heat map” will identify what’s most important out of that particular list. What you won’t find in Clear are tags, contexts, calendar syncing and other functions you’ve grown accustomed to with apps like Pocket Informant or OmniFocus. If all you need is a simple yet fun to use Todo app, Clear should fit the bill nicely – especially for its intro price of $0.99. The demo video below will give you better idea of how it all works.

Clear Realmac Software, Clear, – $0.99

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Evernote iOS update: Smart titles, Improved Editing and more

Evernote, the notetaking tool I heavily rely on for storing all my work/personal notes, ideas and pretty much everything I come across on the web, has been updated for the iPhone and iPad. Version 4.1.8 brings about “smarter” titles, easier sharing (new sharing icon), improved editing on iOS 5 (faster and better style preservation from copy/paste) and other minor improvements. For many of you who can’t stand having all those notes with “Untitled Notes” – when a note is created without entering a proper title – the Predictive note titles feature should be a welcomed addition:

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