Unleash PowerPoint on your iPhone with Documents to Go Premium update

When it comes to viewing and editing Microsoft Office products on your iPhone/iPod Touch (primarily Word and Excel), there are essentially two apps that lead the way: QuickOffice and Documents to Go. Each have their own strengths and a user base that prefer one over the other. If you’re a heavy PowerPoint user however, choosing DataViz’s Office suite just got easier. With the latest 3.0 update of Documents to Go Premium, users can now even create/edit PowerPoint slides right on their trusty iDevices. For road warriors who do their share of presentations, this new ability could prove invaluable indeed. Another great new feature found in this update is the added support for Gmail attachments. That’s right, you can now edit/view files directly from your Gmail account. For those who don’t require PowerPoint, check out DocsToGo, which has less features but a more affordable price tag ($9.99). Complete app details after the break.

Documents To Go� Premium DataViz, Inc., Documents To Go® Premium – $14.99

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AppBank: pennies, publishers, puns and loads’ apps

Dime a dozen, iPhone app sites have popped up all over the place. If a couple of years ago, the trend was to one-off an app for the App Store, now it is to start-up an iPhone website. Amidst this chaos is AppBank, a fun, reckless website headed up by former fine arts major, Yasuaki Miyashita. The same 28 year old lad was told that he would never kick it in a normal company – a fact which I’m not discerning enough to deny relishing. Had he gone off to some large Japanese corporation, my daily dose of Japanese グラビア (gravure) would suffer a much smaller stipend and tonight’s Indian curry would have been a lonely affair. If you can get around the Japanese language, AppBank is a fun website which I wholeheartedly recommend. They have also outed a cute self-titled app which helps iPhone users get around their site and loads of new apps. So, throw caution to the wind and enjoy a truly great cultural experience: the melding of Japanese business sense with ample opportunities afforded by Apple. AppBank are in no way related to the book-loving Korean company by the same name. Cheers.

AppBank.net Mobile, AppBank, FREE, 0.9 MB
AppBank.net Mobile

AppBank website

iGizmoz in Review – Dashboard Style Widgets In The Palm Of Your Hand


There are a bunch of features that are available on the Mac which are coming to the iPlatform. With their base OS being similar, it isn’t a huge surprise. The latest of these features is a mac style dashboard app that offers similar widgets and some enhancements to make the purchase a good one.

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iThoughts (mindmapping) in Review – Visualise your thinking!


Update: (Contest now closed) Submit a comment in this review to to win 1 or 4 copies of iThoughts.

As everybody knows from their own experience, thinking is an extremely chaotic process. And understanding the big picture is often very difficult, especially when trying to keep in mind all of the various bits and pieces that often don’t even seem connected in any way. Well, really smart people (a group with which I have no relation) have dreamed up of a special class of software to help us poor sods get our minds in order. That class is dubbed “mind mapping”, and is now available for the iPhone.

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Clz Movies in Review – Your whole movie collection at the tip of a finger!


You know, I have quite a large movie collection. And sometimes it’s impossible to remember if I have a specific movie that I want to watch, so going to the store is a pain. Well, Collectorz.com has provided a tool for this! Now you can reference your movies anywhere, anytime, and at the touch of a finger.

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AppBox Pro in Review – The Swiss Army knife 3 times over


Do you want to know how many kilometers is in a 100 miles? Or how much 100 euro is in US dollars tonight? Or how many days are left until Valentine’s day? Well, there’s an app for that. Too often, you’ll find these tools available as individual downloads, hence using up precious icon space on your iDevice. But not always! Introducing AppBox Pro, the place to go to for all those things you do on your iPhone once a year.

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PushMail in Review – the way push email should be + Promo Codes!

promo-giveaway-banner1 pushmail-review8There’s no arguing that push notifications have been among the most sought after features on the iPhone; upon release, the flood gates pretty much opened up and now there are many push apps. One of the biggest features that I was waiting for was push for email. There are a handful of push mail apps out there and among them, Simon Patarin’s is one of the best.

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eWallet – Secure Password Manager in Review : Your secrets are safe with me

eWallet_listWay before the iPhone, I had the misfortune of owning a *censored* WM PocketPC. I shudder when I remember the problems I had using it and luckily (probably) it was stolen only about a year after buying it. One thing I was sure about was that all my private info was safe since I used eWallet (yep, this app has been around for awhile) to store it. After getting my iPhone, I immediately started browsing the App Store for a PIM application and was relieved to find that my good old friend, eWallet has been resurrected for hallowed use on the Jesus Phone.

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Dropbox downloads to the App Store


A favourite desktop download/file sharing tool has made its the downhill trek to the App Store, and for the right glint of the dime. Dropbox is free and will allow you to access 2GB worth of files between devices such as a Mac, Linux, or Windows computer and now, the iDevice.

In the Dev’s own words, dropbox is: “the easiest way to sync your files online and across computers, and share them with people”.

Dropbox, Dropbox, FREE, 3.6 MB

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Groups: Drag & Drop Contacts Management in Review – Assigning groups is as easy as one, two, drag, drop


Hola, folks! Everybody knows that the iPhone’s stock contacts app is a load of pig’s poo. No field grouping, no mass sms, and no e-mail. Sometimes, even finding that one required phone number is next to impossible, even with the spotlight search. Don’t you wish it was as easy as one, two, three? Well, Guided Ways Technologies Ltd. (what a long name) have gone and done it: made it easy for plain folks like us to navigate our contacts. Presenting, Groups: Drag & Drop Contacts Management (an even longer name, sheesh!).

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