PrintBureau for all your printing needs in Review – Finally, printing from the iDevice!

For many users the iPhone has become not just a phone, or a gaming platform, but a tool they use in the daily business life as well. Apps like Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite make it perfectly possible to create and edit business-grade documents and share them via a multitude of means from local Wi-Fi to cloud storage. But what is you need a hard copy? Well, there’s an app for that!

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2Do: A Stunning To Do List with Push and Sync In Review – Finally A 2Do That’s 4 U!

I’ve reviewed “to do” apps in the past.  The thing that usually sets them apart is design and feature set.  Some look rough around the edges, but offer a lot, while others are the exact opposite – great interface without much substance. Recently I was able to get my hands on 2Do: A Stunning To Do List with Push and Sync, an app that very well may have found that happy medium between form and function.

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RDM+ Lite released. Connect to your PC and Mac remotely for free

SHAPE Services, the company behind the popular iDevice IM app IM+ (TMA Review), has just released a free, ad-supported version of their best-selling remote control application, RDM+. By utilizing both the app on your iPhone/iPod Touch and the (free) desktop RDM server, users can easily access and manage their home and office computers remotely. Chiffan reviewed RDM+ several months ago and had this to say:

To sum it all up, RDM+ is the best remote control software I’ve seen thus far on the iPhone. While it has its limitations (the single-screen access and the fixed refresh time), the ability to work through ANY firewall, the easy setup, and the excellent and ultra-fast interface make it unrivalled if you find yourself in need of putting in that extra bit of work on the PC but are out.

If remote access to your computer(s) is something you’d like to accomplish, RDM+ Lite is a great place to start, so long as you don’t mind the in-app ads. The regular and ad-free version can be purchased for $9.99 (down from original price of $19.99).

RDM+ Lite RDM+ Lite – Free

RDM+ Remote Desktop for Mac OS and Windows RDM+ Remote Desktop for Mac OS and Windows – $9.99

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Voodo – Todo Magic In Review – Some Voodoo, to help you do what you do!

Today, there are many different “to do” apps in the App Store.  Everything from a tweaked notepad app, to a full fledged list/chart/reminder/push notifications/etc type app wallows with its pushy digital brethren.  Today I got my hands on something that’s a more or less in the middle.  Developer IWonderPhone’s app, Voodo – Todo Magic, is an interesting todo app that incorporates a lot of great features without packing on the unnecessary garbage.  From the outside looking in, Voodoo Todo itself seems promising. Read on to see if Voodo had the magic touch.

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LogMeIn Ignition in Review – Holy crap, it’s Windows 7 on my iPhone!

Wouldn’t it be great to have the full power of the desktop right at your fingertips? Ok, so a full-featured virtual machine is probably a bit utopian right now – just remember how slowly Windows 95 runs on the iPad. But it is possible! Today, I’ll be reviewing LogMeIn Ignition, an excellent remote access app that allows you to control your desktop right from the comforts of your favorite iDevice.

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Debut: Opera Mini Web browser – The fat lady has sung

My wager: Apple will never let a competitor’s web browser into the App Store, cost me a particularly good horse. I may be the only one not happy about the debut of Opera Mini Web Browser. Had you met Hillie, the pony-horse, you’d be equally upset.

It’s small consolation that in her place is the only current alternative to Apple’s one-horse webkit monopoly lead by iPhone Safari. Opera Mini is cute; it has all the pertinent functions in easy-to-reach places and better in-app settings than iPhone Safari. It also generally handles website formatting better than good ol’ WebKit and has a lovely implementation of tabbed browsing. Overall, it’s a ‘good’ experience which would bring in a TouchMyApps rating of Grab. In some cases, it loads slower than Safari and iPhone OS controls are substituted for blocky, oddly-placed alternatives _almost_ as if Opera Software ASA wanted nothing more than to spite Apple for its two-year boycott of NIMBY* software. But it is worthwhile, especially if you find yourself at the mercy of mobile browsers more often than not. Feel free to discuss Opera Mini Web browser VS Safari in our forums.

Opera Mini Web browser Opera Software ASA, Opera Mini Web browser – Free

Piccies and more in-action deductions (whew!) after the gap:

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Filemaker’s Bento app makes transition to iPad

Filemaker, a subsidiary of Apple and world-leader in database applications, have built upon Bento for the iPhone and iPod Touch and released a brand new version dedicated for the iPad. In case you’re not familiar, Bento is a powerful yet easy to use organizer app that allows you keep track of just about anything you can think of: expenses, inventory, events, contacts, daily diaries and much much more. 25 templates are built-in or you can create new ones to match your needs. Bento for iPad has been enhanced with many new features, including:

  • Full screen forms
  • Split-screen view showing record summary and details
  • Ability to browse web pages without leaving the app
  • Three new themes

With a larger screen area, Bento users will likely find it much easier and faster to use on the iPad. And just like the iPhone version, Bento for iPad sells for $4.99. More info with video after this space.

Vampire Origins Filemaker, Inc., Bento for iPad – $4.99

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Dunnit! todo app FREE for ONE day

Earlier this month, we touched on the release of the first non-game/entertainment app to integrate the social gaming platform Openfeint for the iPhone. Well, that very app, Dunnit! is now FREE for 1 day, courtesy of With its easy to use interface and features that include tagging, repeating tasks and multiple task entry (not to mention Twitter and Openfeint integration), its hard not to like Runloop’s Dunnit! And now that the price tag has dropped from $4.99 to FREE, this is one App Store download you shouldn’t miss out on today.

Dunnit! Runloop Ltd, Dunnit! – FREE (very limited time)

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Electric Pocket’s BugMe! Brings Sticky Notes to the iPhone

Wye Valley, UK – Today, Electric Pocket Limited is introducing BugMe!, the popular note-taker and reminder application, to iPhone users. For well over a decade, PDA and smartphone users have been using BugMe! to create notes and set reminder alarms to keep them on-task and on-time. “BugMe! for iPhone brings the classic app to a new audience on the iPhone, as well as answering the pleas of long-time users who were missing a faithful friend!” said Iain Barclay, Electric Pocket’s chief products officer.

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WritePad in Review – Nothing to Write Home About

WritePad for the iPhone or iPod Touch is a text editing software App which allows you to ‘write’ using your finger or a stylus on your touchscreen, and it’s converted to text. To be honest, I’m not 100% sure why anyone would want to buy or use this App. It’s not responsive enough for use for notetaking in meetings, as you have only so much space on your screen to write and you must wait for that to be recognised and entered into your document before you continue. Feel free to discuss this review of WritePad in our forums.

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