Poll: only 3% of iPhone 4’s are problem-free

shattered screens are only one of the iPhone 4's problems

Right, so open polls are preying grounds for groundless murmuring; nevertheless, insight can be found in their deep darks. MobileCrunch have a good one: Does your iPhone 4 have issues? MobileCrunch cover many platforms including WinMo, Android, Symbian, etc., so it isn’t a stretch to assume that enterprising Apple-haters took advantage of the poll, but whatever the case, the iPhone 4 looks like it’s got a lot of issues to overcome. At least Facetime is 100% satisfaction guaranteed 😉

Whether the iPhone 4’s got reception problems or an easily shattered screen, it’s obvious that Apple’ll have a time of settling everyone’s troubles.

Snow Leopard maims MacBook batteries


Snow Leopard has outted at least one problem in Apple’s notebook line: failing optical drives. While not explicitly the fault of the OS, Snow Leopard, generally installed by optical disk, forced users to use their dusty drives only to find out that the hardware is bum. Sadly, upon attempting to upgrade to Apple’s latest, the world’s most advanced operating system (sic) proves that Apple need to spend more time developing reliable hardware, not this fritzy fluff. Now, the selfsame OS has another ticket with Apple Support: failing batteries. This time, however, it seems the OS may be at least partially to blame.

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MacBook Optical Drive problems outted by Snow Leopard


Only 18 of the newest messages

In general, MacBooks are engineering marvels. They can be praised for solid construction, excellent industrial design, ease of use, and (now), the retention of a decent array of connections. However, they fall prey to several engineering failures. One is air circulation; MacBooks are prone to run hot. But, whereas a LITTLE extra heat won’t kill a laptop nor a company’s image, the mass breakdown of optical drives certainly will. Sadly, Apple have so far ignored the widespread breakdown of its laptop optical drives – a problem which afflicts both new and old MacBooks.

Apple’s Discussion’s forums has a 14-page long thread which is dedicated to the problem. While my laptop was fixed under warranty, I was without a computer for a week, an option which many cannot afford.

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Find My Phone – Works till a Thiefed!


I am not sure that I spelled ‘thiefed’ correctly. I was going for a gansta approach and even if I did not spell ‘tief’ correctly, I am fully assured in my own mind that shigzeo is a gansta. Well, if you are a gansta and want to steal the iPhone, but worried that the Find My Phone might deter yo’ best effats (how’s dat?), look no further than this clever bit of snooping from da giz.

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