Friday Freebie Roundup – 1112 Episode 01, Highborn and Zombie Shock

Just in time for the next round of iPhone 4 launches worldwide, a bunch of excellent games have just been set free for 24 hours. And when I say excellent, I MEAN excellent! Are you still reading the intro and not the full story? Then shame on you! To give you a snippet of what’s in store after the gap – an excellent adventure 1112 episode 01, a superb turn-based strategy and a fun and addictive side-scroller.

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Sinking your teeth into Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon for FREE

Love adventure games, but still on the fence about picking up Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon – Part 1 (TMA Review) – the beautiful and atmospheric vampire-hunting adventure? Well, have I got great news for you! Anuman Interactive, the current owner of the franchise, has just informed me that in conjunction with Chillingo they will be setting Part 1 of the thrilling story FREE for an entire week. So mark your calendars and get some blood in the fridge – you’ll soon need it!

And if you require some help during your Dracula journey, be sure to visit Tetraedge’s official support forums right here on TMA!

Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon ? Part  1 Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon – Part 1 – FREE (May 21 – 27)

Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon ? Part  2 Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon – Part 2 – $1.99

Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon - Part  3 Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon – Part 3 – $1.99

Freebie Friday – Sentinel 2: Earth Defense and Sudoku 2

Update: PressOK Entertainment’s highly addictive Bumper Stars (TMA Review) is also FREE today!

It’s Friday already and two great games are to be freed. First and foremost – in collaboration with Openfeint, Origin8 is giving away the Sentinel 2: Earth Defense, the amazing sequel to the classic Sentinel: Mars Defense! Finishing up on the article back in July TMA’s Gokunama had this to say:

Overall Sentinel 2 presents new challenges with added parts to the gameplay, which makes it not just a rehash of the original, but with new strategies that are required to succeed. The ship weapons, while at first appearing to make the game too easy, are well integrated into the game. It’s a game that follows up, but unlike a lot of sequels, Origin8’s latest delivers a nice new variety of challenges while maintaining the same feel of Mars Defense.

Sentinel 2: Earth Defense is a definite recommendation for any TD enthusiast and if you’re a fan of the genre, I don’t think you can go wrong with this purchase.

So, no reason not to try it out for free, right?

Sentinel 2: Earth Defense Origin8, Sentinel 2: Earth Defense – Free

And second, but in no way least, Finger Arts has informed us they are releasing a new title – Sudoku 2 – a re-imagining of the classic Asian puzzle game, now popular all over the world. Added to the original is a smart scori ng system that takes into account multiple factors, including 1) the value of each number multiplied (at the time of its match) by a multiplier that decreases in time and 2) the value of each block, row, column multiplied (at the time of its completion) by the decreasing multiplier.

The game will be completely free on May 7th – so go get you fans of making your gray matter work overtime. Please note:

Only on May 7th will the FULL version be available without any ads for FREE. Whoever downloads the game on the magical date, May 7th, MUST install and open the App to benefit from receiving the full version without any ads. Thereafter, for anyone who (for the first time) opens the app starting May 8th, the game will contain advertisements.

Sudoku 2 Finger Arts, Sudoku 2 – Free

Babel Rising is FREE today only!

BABEL Rising, a game that has captivated the attention of the recently interviewed Frédéric Aloé from Coladia, has just been updated with two new game modes available via in-app purchases and has been set FREE for a day in collaboration with the project. Grab it below or check the screens and description after the gap.

BABEL Rising BULKYPIX, BABEL Rising – Free

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Price Drop: 1112 episode 01 – FREE for limited time

Apparently is not the only site, sponsoring game giveaways. Thanks to the French iPhone site, Agharta Studios have dropped 1112 episode 01 (the first ever adventure game designed exclusively for the iPhone to FREE for a limited time. This is an excellent game, critically acclaimed by leading iPhone blogs and featured in our The App Store’s Best Adventure Games. So what are you waiting for – there’s no reason NOT to get it while it’s free whilst preparing for the second part which was hinted at in TMA’s interview with Agharta Studio.

1112 episode 01 Agharta Studio, 1112 episode 01 – Free
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Glu’s New Year ($0.99) blowout sale

For all you iPhone/iPod Touch gamers out there on the constant look out for great App Store deals (or maybe that iTunes gift card from Christmas is just beggin’ you to spend more dough), you’ll be pleased to know that Glu Mobile has launched their N.Y $0.99 blowout sale on most of their hit games. Titles like Build-a-lot, Super KO Boxing 2, Beat It! and Glyder 2 are definitely great steals at a buck, so be sure grab ’em before the sale ends on Jan 11th. Happy Gaming!

Beat It! Glu, Beat It! – $0.99
Bonsai Blast Glu, Bonsai Blast – $0.99
Brain Genius Deluxe ? Glu, Brain Genius Deluxe â„¢ – $0.99
Build-a-lot Glu, Build-a-lot – $0.99
Cooking Star Glu, Cooking Star – $0.9
Cops & Robbers Glu, Cops & Robbers – $0.99
Family Guy: Uncensored Glu, Family Guy: Uncensored – $0.99
Glyder Glu, Glyder – $0.99
Glyder 2 Glu, Glyder 2 – $0.99
Mini Golf Wacky Worlds Glu, Mini Golf Wacky Worlds – $0.99
Space Monkey Glu, Space Monkey – $0.99
Super KO Boxing 2 Glu, Super KO Boxing 2 – $0.99
Taxi Fight! Glu, Taxi Fight! – $0.99
TRANSFORMERS ?  CyberToy Glu, TRANSFORMERS â„¢ CyberToy – $0.99
World Series of Poker Hold?em Legend Glu, World Series of Poker Hold’em Legend – $0.99

Finger Physics FREE for today

Finger Physics, developed by PressOK Entertainment (Bumper Stars, America’s Next Model), has just been updated to version 1.2 and is now FREE for 24 hours. For those of you who have yet to play this great physics puzzle game, you are tasked with solving a range of puzzles that include builidng a variety of shapes to a certain height (without toppling over) to guiding an egg into the basket with the available “tools” on the screen. Here’s what’s new:

  • 18 NEW levels
  • Special teaser level with amazing new game mode. The next release will include LOTS of levels like this!
  • Updated physics engine and Improved UI

If you’ve played Perfect Balance or Topple before, you’ll feel right at home with Finger Physics. It goes without saying that if you like this genre of games, I highly recommend you add it to your app collection. The giveaway is only good for 24 hours, so be sure to grab it while it’s on!

Finger Physics PressOK Entertainment, Finger PhysicsFree

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Massive holiday sale from Konami and IUGO


Christmas is indeed the season of giving and more and more developers are rolling out hot holiday sales. Konami and IUGO – some of the well-known names on the iPhone gaming scene have just announced that Santa has called ’em up and convinced to do some heavy giving.

And remember – you can find the list of hot AppStore holiday sales and down-right giveaways updated daily in our friendly sticky! You HAVE already bookmarked it, haven’t you?

So in the best spirit of Christmas, you can find the full list of their massive sales after the gap.

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news-td-giftbox, the developer of one of my favourite Tower Defense games, BattleZone, (formerly known as BattleField) and the recently reviewed Dragon Slaughter have decided to make this Christmas special for fans of genre. They just released the abovementioned games and Garden War bundled together for a measly sum of $0.99. And with the promise of adding more free titles in future updates, I don’t know about you, but for me it’s a must have!, 3-IN-1 TD GAMEBOX – Xmas discount, $0.99, 52.4 MB
3-IN-1 TD GAMEBOX - Xmas discount

Description after the break.

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Konami games on sale: $0.99 deals!

metal-gear-solid-touch_logoArguably the biggest name in the biz, Konami have given iPhone/iPod Touch gamers a treat by dropping prices on all their games to a very affordable dollar. Now you can pick up Metal Gear Solid Touch, Krazy Kart Racing, Silent Hill and more for a buck each. A great deal indeed when you consider that most of Konami’s games are released at a tune of $6 – $8US. This is definitely a good time to pick up some (or all) of their big name titles. Enjoy!