Price Drop: 10 $0.99 iPhone and iPad apps to pick up for the weekend

Just in the time for the weekend, we present you with 10 apps that have dropped in price to $0.99 and are worthy of an app spot on your crowded springboard. The list includes one of the best TD games on iOS – Kingdom Rush HD (TMA Review), an overlooked but remarkable RTS in Z The Game (TMA Review) and everyone’s favorite line drawing game, Flight Control HD.

And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out our Deals ‘O the Day post from yesterday. Plenty of apps there are still showing as Free on the App Store. Full $0.99 sale roundup after the break.

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[Updated] Grab the Hunger Games Trilogy ($2.70) and other ebooks at 90% off via Kobo coupon code

If you’re a bit of a bookworm, you definitely need to take advantage of this amazing deal from Kobo Books. By using the coupon code “welcome90us” (simply switch out the ‘us’ depending on your location, like ‘ca’, ‘au’, uk’) on check out, you’ll get 90% off the website price. So the Hunger Games Trilogy for instance, selling for $26.98, will be reduced to $2.70 before taxes! The caveat is that it’ll only work once per account AND on non-agency books. While there’s no section specifically for non-agency books on the kobo website, they can typically be spotted by ebooks prices that end in something other than ‘.99’ (i.e $26.98 or $9.87) or if the ebook shows 2 prices (i.e ‘List Price’ and ‘Our ‘Price’). Other coupon codes that currently work include:

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Shadowgun gets Retina support on new iPad, now $2.99

Shadowgun (TMA Review), one of the best third person shooters on iOS, has just been updated to support the new iPad’s 2048×1536 resolution. Not only does it get a nice bump up in res count, but it also gets 4x MSAA Anti Aliasing without sacrificing on performance. As such, the visuals will look even more stunning on the latest iPad. Meanwhile for other iDevice owners, this splendid shooter has received some minor bug fixes to improve upon the overall experience. The update is free for those who’ve already purchased the game, otherwise, Shadowgun can now be had for only $2.99 (down from $4.99).


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Freebie Alert: Fodor’s Travel Guides for iOS now free to download

Thinking of visiting London this summer for the Olympics? Or New York City for a business trip in the coming weeks? Well as it so happens, Fodor’s 6 city-based Travel Guides for the iPhone and iPad (a universal app) have dropped from $5.99 to free. All city guides offer expert reviews of restaurants, shops, hotels and hotspots to visit, exclusive Fodor’s Choice picks and even downloadable offline and interactive maps to help avoid those roaming charges. The ability to bookmark favorites and take ‘field’ notes for every recommendation is also available for its users. The freebie offer isn’t likely to last long, so be sure to grab the apps below before they go back up in price.

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