Freebie Alert: Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12 for iPhone and iPad now free for limited time

Round 1 of the PGA TOUR Championship in Atlanta, GA got under way earlier today (Keegan Bradley’s leading by 2 strokes) and EA Mobile’s celebrating the event by dropping Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12 to free on both the iPhone and iPad. Having recently received a major update, PGA Tour 12 has been graced with improved gameplay performance and accuracy, the ability to earn free Pro Shop cash for playing the Closest to the Pin Challenge and much more. If Golf is right up your alley (or at least virtual golf), be sure to grab this quality freebie before it’s too late.

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 12 EA, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 12, 289 MB – Free
Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 12 for iPad EA, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 12 for iPad, 286 MB – Free

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Freebie Alert: Easy Calendar now free for the day

Here’s another calendar news bit to throw your way: Easy Calendar for the iPhone/iPod Touch is now a freebie for the day. Normally priced at $1.99, the app’s designed with speedy event creations in mind, along with a clean and clutter free interface. While I have yet to personally check it out, the app’s been well received and the App Store reviews are mostly positive – with 120+ ratings of 4 1/2 stars. If you’re not ready to drop $2 bucks on Agenda Calendar, or my favourite – Calvetica just yet, Easy Calendar seems to be worth a try, especially for free. Demo videos and app features can be found within.

Easy Calendar T. van Zummeren, Easy Calendar, 1.3 MB – Free

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Freebie Alert: Hotel Dash and Soap Opera Dash now Free (for limited time)

Last week, we saw Cooking Dash (TMA Review) and Wedding Dash (TMA Review) both go free on the App Store. Now, Playfirst’s other two Dash titles have joined the freebie ranks: Hotel Dash and Soap Opera Dash. Eric previously reviewed the former and gave it a Grab It rating:

Hotel Dash is the latest entry in the series, and it’s upped the ante in several ways.  If you’re a time management veteran you’ll feel right at home and appreciate the additional challenge, but if you’re new to the whole concept this might not be the best place to start.  So far I’m loving it, and I can’t wait to see what the next installment in the franchise has to offer.

No time frame has been given as to how long this latest offer will last, though judging from last week, they’ll likely stay free for the next 2 days.

Hotel Dash PlayFirst, Hotel Dash (TMA Review), 80.3 MB – Free
Soap Opera Dash PlayFirst, Soap Opera Dash, 75.4 MB – Free

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Freebie Alert: Legendary Wars for iPhone and iPad now free for limited time

Legendary Wars is celebrating its one million downloads milestone and has dropped to free this weekend for both the iPhone and iPad. Offering gamers a variety of gameplay modes, Legendary Wars combines a number of genres to give it a blend of Action/Strategy/RPG. A favourite of ChiffaN’s, he gave the game a Kiss It rating in his review:

Whether you’re a fan of the genre or are just looking for an interesting game to try it out, Legendary Wars certainly is a title worthy of attention. With a boatload of features, both borrowed from other successful titles and dreamed up anew, it is definitely the current crowning jewel of the Action/Strategy subgenre on the App Store and a worthy addition to anyone’s app collection.

The game comes as separate downloads for the iPhone and iPad, so make sure you grab the appropriate links below (i.e. no need to be playing the iPhone version on your iPad!).

Legendary Wars Liv Games, Legendary Wars (TMA Review), 176 MB – Free
Legendary Wars HD Liv Games, Legendary Wars HD, 139 MB – Free

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Gameloft’s Back to School $0.99 Sale on iOS and Mac App Stores

School’s back in full swing and Gameloft has just announced yet another Back to School sale. This time, popular titles on both the iOS and Mac platform drop to only $0.99 for a limited time. Games like Silent OpsBackStab and Dungeon Hunter 2 (TMA Review) on both the iPhone and iPad can now be had for a dollar. Meanwhile, 4 Mac App Store Gameloft games join this list, including the impressive Modern Combat: Domination, a surprisingly good multiplayer FPS that was previously $12.99 (a must have for shooter fans at this price). Be sure to check out the complete roundup of links after the break.

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Freebie Alert: Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior for iPhone now a free download

Fancy a good 1-on-1 brawler on your iPhone/iPod Touch? If so, look no further than Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior, a below-the-radar title that’s been widely considered as one of the top fighting games on the iDevice. Reviewed by ChiffaN last year, Dragon Warrior received a Kiss It rating thanks to the tight controls, customizable fighting styles and solid graphics.

Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior makes good in its attempt to challenge Street Fighter IV as the best fighting game on the AppStore. They are both good in some respects while lacking in others. The former is more friendly to the casual gamer and the latter more targeted at hardcore fighting fans. The only real grudge I have is the absence of any kind of multiplayer, which has always been an integral part of any fighting game. Regardless, providing both an exception graphical experience even on the older devices and polished easy-to-use controls, Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior is the number one choice for anyone willing to try out how a fighting game should perform on an iDevice.

No particular reason has been given as to why its gone free (for very first time) or for how long. So if you’re a fighting junkie, make haste and pick this gem of a fighter up while the offer’s still good.

Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior Indiagames, Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior (TMA Review), 84.7 MB – Free

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Freebie Alert: Cooking Dash and Wedding Dash for iPhone now free for limited time

Time Management aficionados are no doubt familiar with Flo’s Dash spawning franchise. In fact, Diner Dash is arguably the most well known among the crowded and addictive genre. So if you’re a fan of TM games and are new to the series, this freebie update is for you! Playfirst has dropped two of their iPhone titles to free for a limited time: Cooking Dash (TMA Review) and Wedding Dash (TMA Review). Normally priced at $2.99, both games feature 50+ levels and plenty of mad-finger-dashing challenges. Additional IAPs are available should you wish to unlock other locales ($0.99 each).

Cooking Dash PlayFirst, Cooking Dash (TMA Review), 110 MB – Free
Wedding Dash PlayFirst, Wedding Dash (TMA Review), 53.0 MB – Free

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Freebie Alert – Gameloft’s Asphalt 6: Adrenaline for iPhone and iPad now free for limited time

Here’s a worthy download for all you racing fans. Gameloft has just dropped the latest in their popular racing franchise Asphalt 6: Adrenaline to free for the iPhone and iPad (down from $4.99 and $6.99 respectively). With 42 dream cars to choose from, online multiplayer and awesome visuals (the game will look even better on the iPad 2), this freebie shouldn’t be missed and will keep you in occupied for next little while. The offer likely won’t last very long, so make sure you grab it ASAP.

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline Gameloft, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, 546 MB – Free
Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD Gameloft, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD, 505 MB – Free

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Freebie Alert: 1112 Ep 1 Drops to Free, 1112 Ep 2 now $0.99 for limited time

With the recent release of the eagerly anticipated 1112 episode 031112 ep 01 has dropped to free and its sequel 1112 episode 02 (TMA Review) is now available for a measly dollar. For those not familiar, the 1112 series is one of best known point and click adventure games on the iDevice and episode 2 even headlines the first person point and click category in our App Store’s Best Adventure roundup. If you missed these gems previously, now’s a great time to delve into the mystery of the Johnny Depp look-a-like, Louis Everett.

1112 episode 01 Agharta Studio, 1112 episode 01, 76.5 MB – Free
1112 episode 01 HD Agharta Studio, 1112 episode 01 HD, 98.3 MB – Free

1112 episode 02 Agharta Studio, 1112 episode 02 (TMA Review), 95.2 MB – $0.99
1112 episode 02 HD Agharta Studio, 1112 episode 02 HD, 155 MB – $0.99

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Freebie Alert: The World Clock now Free for limited time

Do you travel across different time zones and/or find the built-in World Clock function lacking on your iPhone? If so, you may want to check out The World Clock. Now free for a day (down from $1.99), TWC is a universal app that features alarm functionality, scrollable map with day-night visuals, time converter and a database of more than 192,000 cities/towns from 230 countries. I was first recommended this app several months ago by a colleague of mine and with all the traveling I do for work, TWC has been a trusty sidekick on both my iPhone and iPad ever since. Considering how the iPad doesn’t even have its own stock Clock app, The World Clock is definitely a good pick up at this price point.

The World Clock Orlin Kolev, The World Clock, 34.9 MB – Free

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