Atari announces $100,000 Pong Developer Challenge

Pong is quickly approaching its 40th anniversary and Atari is looking to celebrate by launching the Pong Indie Developer Challenge, where developers are tasked with re-creating their own iOS version of Pong. Selected winners could nab up to $100,000, as well as have their game published under the Atari Brand on the App Store. This follows the recent string of successful indie developed titles like Asteroids: Gunner and Breakout®: Boost.

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ARKANOID in Review – The arcade classic on the iPhone


Lately, I see a lot of classics appearing on the iPhone, and among them, 1986’s ARKANOID is a welcome addition. Now, TAITO (Space Invaders Infinity Gene) have added the Jesus Phone to the long list of systems to which this game has been ported. Finally, generation “i” too, can experience the classic.

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