Price Drop: Last Front: Europe – FREE for a day!

The unholy union between FreeAppaDay and Last Front: Europe is a bad one, but in a good way. Last Front: Europe is a solid Tower Defence title with a few great augments to the genre including: movable towers and unlimited user-created maps for download. If you are too lazy to read TMA’s Last Front: Europe review, here’s the gist: GRAB!

Anyway, it’s free, so strap on your cannons and blast the baddies into 1939!

Last Front: Europe Plow Digital, LLC, Last Front: Europe – Free (for a day)

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Last Front: Europe in Review – Fighting World War II TD style

World War II, while one of the most tragic periods in mankind’s history, has been a constant source of inspiration for game developers. On the iPhone, however, noteworthy WWII titles are still somewhat rare. But an underdog has sprung up lately promising to offer an interesting experience. I am talking, of course, about Last Front: Europe – a WWII Tower Defence game. Feel free to discuss this review of Last Front: Europe in our forums.

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