Android Marketplace strangled by porn and piracy

The Android Marketplace cracked

The Android Marketplace has real success stories such as Aaron La’s Advanced Task Manager; its open slant gives opportunity to many developers who can’t afford a Mac to join a huge market place. Every day, Android grows, and barring the all-out success of Windows Phone 7, it is destined to remain at the top, at least as market share leader. But, all is not well.

According to the Reg, Google’s hands-off approach allows its Marketplace to drown in oceans of porn just as the App Store was chocked by useless apps (fart and flashlight) in its early days. There is another negative effect: piracy. Despite the fact that the average selling price for Android apps is less than their iPhone, developers are strangled by app pilfering. The net result is that 49% of Android developers are making less than they expected and only 27% making more than they expected. Again, there is no question that Android is the market leader. For developers, it is an attractive platform. But it isn’t the heaven and spice that disgruntled iPhone developers may think it is. Google needs to adapt to keep its most important customer, the developer, happy. Happy, loaded developers make great apps. Currently iPhone Development, while a lot more controlled, has a friendlier, more lucrative face; it also tends to sport much more high quality apps.

Pirating made easy with the Easy iPod Media Sharer

Cute accessory. Hammacher Schlemmer’s Easy iPod Media Sharer looks like a cheap digicam, but it does as much for your music as Apple and Amazon’s squabbles. For only 99,95$ CAD, you can enjoy pirating music from the comfort of your own iPod.

This device allows you to easily share music, video, and pictures between two connected iPods without the use of a computer. It automatically recognizes when you plug in iPods (either Mac or PC formatting) on either end, and it can transfer a three-minute song in five seconds and a 30-minute video in three minutes. The device can also transfer any files when the iPods are set to “disk drive” mode. Its rechargeable battery provides up to 1 1/2 hours of operation during transfers, and includes an AC adapter that recharges the device in four hours; iPods are recharged while connected. Not compatible with iPhone or iPod Touch. 3/4″ H x 2 1/4″ W x 3 1/2″ D. (2 oz.)

Compatible iPods:

  • Mini (no bass)
  • Nano (the foldable)
  • 3rd Gen iPod (spaz buttons)
  • 4th Gen iPod (Photo)
  • 5th Gen iPod (Video)
  • 6th Gen iPod (Classic)

Full spec at Hammacher Schlemmer

The iPad and eBook Piracy – Ghost reads?

With speculation that Apple’s new device will be aimed squarely at eBook readers such as Amazon’s Kindle, it may be high time to postulate its role as a modern conduit for the hoisting of eBook pirate’s flags. Not that pirates will directly use the iWhatever for straightforward stealing – though that’s hardly a far stretch – its almost certain popularity may manoeuvre into position as a pirate-pleasuring-platform.

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Profiting from Piracy – Tap Tap’s Revenge

Tap Tap Revenge is an addictive music game which appeals to all ages and players. No wonder it has been pirated nearly as much as it has been legitimately downloaded. But rather than sitting on their collective thumbs, Tapulous infused Tap Tap with a little wonder called in-app purchasing. Pirates too can enjoy padding dev’s pockets by buying virtual goods and songs in-app. OS 3.0 brought with it myriad new features, but this in-app purchasing alone may help devs recoup some of the losses incurred from rampant iPhone piracy.

If you care to see what all the fuss is about, try out one of Tapulous’ exciting Tap Tap games:

Tap Tap Revenge 2.6 Tapulous, Tap Tap Revenge 2.6 – $0.99

Tap Tap Revenge Classic (paid version) Tapulous, Tap Tap Revenge Classic (paid version) – $0.99

Tap Tap Revenge 3 Tapulous, Tap Tap Revenge 3 – Free

Tap Tap Coldplay 1.1 - 13 Tracks Tapulous, Tap Tap Coldplay 1.1 – 13 Tracks – $4.99

Lady Gaga Revenge Tapulous, Lady Gaga Revenge – $4.99

Nine Inch Nails Revenge Tapulous, Nine Inch Nails Revenge – $4.99

Metallica Revenge Tapulous, Metallica Revenge – $4.99

Dave Matthews Band Revenge Tapulous, Dave Matthews Band Revenge – $4.99

Christmas With Weezer Tapulous, Christmas With Weezer – $4.99

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Ninja’s VS pirates: Japanese mobile users to walk plank


The Japanese mobile phone market is incredible. If the iPhone hasn’t picked up steam in the island nation, it is probably for good reason: it simply doesn’t do half of the ‘mobile internet things‘ it needs to in order to be useful in Japan. One, is piracy. Apple’s sandboxed OS is great for stopping malicious code, and may even be the best way for porn connoisseurs to finally escape the viral effects of their habit. But, it isn’t a great platform for getting free music; especially in the land of the rising sun.

According to the Japanese newspaper, Yomiuri, certain BBS services and webpages are loaded with tunes for mobile phone users to capitalise on without having to part with any capital.

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