Ping Pong in Review – An idiotic addition to a tired genre


Put away your credit cards and your cameras: there’s nothing to see here and no reason to buy tickets. Ping pong is the onomatopoetic alliteration of a ball hitting a bat in the game of table tennis. It is also a threat I sometimes hear when big blokes with garden hoses and mesh-backed hats remark,”I gonna go ping pong on yo’ apps, yeah”, and the like. People who play don’t say stuff like that. But, I’m sure that LOLriffic Stuff, maker of Ping Pong do (say stuff like that).

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World Cup Ping Pong in Review – The Good and the Bat


Wooden floors and polished table tops; the chirping of rubber soles on recently waxed floors and above all, the acrid and sweet smell of sweat. Skyworks have added to the growing list of table tennis simulators in the app store with World Cup Ping Pong and have scored a few good shots against the more historied competition.

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A Ping Pong Threesome – Rubbers, Bouncing Balls and Fortune Cookies


Because I am a fan of the misunderstood sport of table tennis, I scoured the App Store for a good table tennis game. I’ve not found any yet, but the match has just begun. Three apps: Paddle Ball, iPingpong 3D and Zen Table Tennis caught my eye. Balls in hand, I will drive forth a looping comparison. For reference, World Cup Ping Pong has also been recently reviewed here!

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