The Pinball free for Mac OS X and Remote Utility for iPhone now available

We previously had a quick sneak peek at Gameprom’s ‘The Pinball’, a collection of 3 pinball games set to make its appearance on the iPad. First up though is the OS X version, which has just been released for the Mac and now available as a free download. That’s right, The Pinball is free, though it only includes the Wild West Pinball table (still a pretty sweet deal if you own a Mac). To unlock Jungle Style Pinball and The Deep Pinball, they’ll set you back $2.99 each. The part where it gets interesting though is how you play the game. Gameprom has also released the free Pinball Utility for the iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to purchase the extra tables AND control all aspects of the game.

Pinball Remote OOO Gameprom, Pinball Remote – Free
Download link for The Pinball on Mac

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Pinball Fantasies in Review – Dreaming of mi Amiga


Back in 1992, Digital Illusions released their second pinball game Pinball Fantasies, on the Commodore Amiga. For many this is still the best pinball game ever created and has been eagerly anticipated ever since Cowboy Rodeo released it’s prequel, Pinball Dreams, on the iPhone a few months back.

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