ShakeItPhoto In Review – Shake it, just like a polaroid

The built-in-camera is one of the popular features of the iPhone. There is a whole section of the AppStore devoted to apps that make use of it. From postcards to panoramic, photo cropping to image editing. Some more of gimmick then others that can just blow your mind. Today I got my hands on a fun little app that I would say is a bit gimmicky (if that’s a word) but still fun. Read on to see how Shakeitphoto developed.

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iPad photography made possible with Camera-A and Camera-B

While the iPad has no camera, it CAN take pictures via an external camera, i.e., the iPhone. Camera-A (iPad: 1$) and Camera-B (iPhone: FREE) are two clever apps designed by developer Yusuke Sekikawa which mate Apple’s devices for wireless photography over WiFi or Bluetooth. The iPad controls the photography through the iPhone’s lens. Right, so why not just take the photos with your iPhone? The answer is here: because the iPad has no camera…

If that does it for you, be sure to check out Sekikawa’s apps here:

CAMERA-B Yusuke sekikawa, CAMERA-A – $0.99 (iPad)

CAMERA-B Yusuke sekikawa, CAMERA-B – Free (iPhone)

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Turn your Ex into a Zombie with Zombiebooth

MotionPortrait Inc, the bright minds behind the unique and innovative photo apps PhotoSpeak and HourFace, have taken their photo-to-animation technology and created ZombieBooth. With ZombieBooth, you can turn yourself or family/friends into blood-thirsting zombies:

MotionPortrait’s cutting-edge technology takes a still photo and turns it into a living, breathing 3D movie that snaps and bays for brains right there on the iPhone screen.

Once you’ve selected your desired image from the camera roll, your “victim” will soon be turned into a 3D model of a zombie. You can then interact with your new friend by dragging a finger around the screen and even let him/her/it take a nibble or two! If you enjoyed MotionPortraits’ previous apps or always wondered what kind of zombie your ex would make, ZombieBooth is certainly worth a look. Video and more info after the gap.

ZombieBooth: Alive in 3D photo MotionPortrait, Inc., ZombieBooth: Alive in 3D photo – $0.99

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Japan’s creepiest iPhone App has its eyes on the West

Tokyo, Japan – HourFace from MotionPortrait, one of Tokyo’s hottest iPhone dev studios, has topped the charts in Japan since it launched in January and is now updated and better than ever. Using MotionPortrait’s cutting-edge avatar-builder technology, HourFace analyzes a still photo and turns it into a living, breathing 3D movie that ages right there on the iPhone screen.

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Space-age iPhone Avatar Builder from the creator of #1 hit HourFace

Tokyo, Japan – Ideal for your online double life, PhotoAvatar 1.2 – #1 in its category on the first day on sale in Japan – transforms your beautiful mug into a realistic 3D avatar from another planet. Creating your alien avatar is simple – take a photo with the iPhone’s camera or choose one from your library. After that, the dedicated cutting-edge servers do the work to build your customized 3D movie.

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App Cubby releases KaleidoVid – A fun little diversion for your iPhone

San Marcos, Texas – App Cubby today is pleased to announce the release of KaleidoVid 1.0, their new app for iPhone 3G, 3GS devices. KaleidoVid is a video kaleidoscope for iPhone that creates beautiful kaleidoscopic images from every day objects using the iPhone’s built in camera. Point the camera at everyday objects to create beautiful kaleidoscopic images. Tap the screen to freeze the image. Save or share it on Twitter, Facebook, or via email, then tap to do it again.

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ArtStudio in Review – the glass canvas

Yeah, I is an artist (had help though)

You know, when Steve Sprang demoed the iPad version of Brushes at Apple’s Jan 27 event, I swallowed a filthy lot of inundating and excited ohmygawdthatsgreat saliva. All that screen real estate. All that room for erasing mistakes. But brushes is simple, meant for attacking a little creativity. Lucky Clan’s ArtStudio sends in the calvary to strike more advanced enemies: transparencies, layers, and needem’ filters. In many ways, it is the best drawing app for the 3,5 inch screen. Feel free to discuss this review of ArtStudio in our forums.

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TimeSqueeze In Review – Record Your Life Benny Hill Style!

Time is something that we could all definitely use more of. When it comes to something like videos, time can sometimes be the killer. Time to load, time to play, it’s everywhere. As an answer to this potential issue developer Infoxenter have released a handy little app called TimeSqueeze. Read on to see what I thought, if you have the time. Feel free to discuss this review of TimeSqueeze in our forums.

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Today’s Cutie: Faces of Met – iPhone’s Hot or Not?

Minus a few key features, Faces of Met is Hot or Not for photographers. Click, slide and rate – just like the real thing, but much, much more airbrushed. Not sure how Met distinguishes its famous photographers, but I bet it goes something like this:

SoftMobile: Okay, so you have the shots?

Budding Ph’ger: Yessir.

SoftMobile: And bio information such as adorns gravure?

Budding Ph’ge: Check.

SoftMobile: You sir, are a great photographer!

Budding Ph’ge: Where’s my cheque?

Can’t be much different than that. Rate the pics with 1-5 stars, but don’t expect to meet any of Met’s mostly female cuties – it ain’t a dating service, but still is fun to touch through! In the back of my seldom-used brain, I get the feeling that face photos could be used as a catch-all for the p-word, just like Hottest Girls was. Whatever the case, Faces of Met is out, seems oddly cast in its parent directory of photography, and may be set to re-introduce other fun artefacts into the App Store.

Faces of Met Softmobile, Faces of Met – $0.99

Piccies and more after the gap:

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paintingWalls with Enginy – for those ‘mauve or yellow?’ moments

Enginy Studios have it right – make an app which allows you to argue with your wife before ruining the house with hundreds of dollars of polka dot paint. A few taps of the finger and some twirls later, and paintingWalls will have your walls, ceilings, and even skylights pretty in pink (or blue, or mauve, etc.): magical, but not _that_ magical. paintingWalls requires you first to take photos of your rooms. Then you can splash virtual colour around. And when shade vacillation strikes, paintingWalls allows you to add virtual lighting for that extra touch of home. It all comes packaged in a pretty easy to use interface replete with save, email, Facebook, Twitter functions, a comparator engine, and more.

paintingWalls Enginy Studios, paintingWalls – $0.99

Video, piccies, and more after the gap:

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