App Store Turns 1 … Reveals Favorite Apps

appstore1yrOur favorite virtual candy store, aka the App Store, will turn 1 come July 11, 2009. Who would’ve thought that in such a short time span, over 50,000 apps would make their way onto the iDevice? While plenty of these are include useless fart, puke and other silly applications, we have come to bear witness to some excellent games that rival or even surpass those on the DS and PSP. To celebrate this 1 yr anniversary, Apple has released their 30 favorite Game and Non-game apps.

Non-Game Apps

Needless to say, choosing 60 from the tens of thousands of quality apps to highlight the App Store’s birthday is no easy task. Personally, I think the list is pretty good, and will surely vary for each individual you ask. So what’s missing for you? For the complete Birthday Bash list, click here.

Photogene in Review – Photoshop Mini in my Palm!!

photogene2I was a little sceptical when this category of apps debuted on the iPhone/ iPod Touch platform. The reason was because I have access to my computer every day, and when I know I have taken photos with my device, I’ll immediately sync them back with iPhoto. So I was thinking “why do photo editing on the phone when I have a 20” screen at home and iPhoto?” Well, apparently, some people don’t have access to a computer on a daily basis, or that they are always on the road, or just wish to modify the photo with friends on the spot. Whatever the reason, I decided to take a look at Photogene…

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