PetitionAppleCompetition – Let’s fix the iPhone


Tonnes of pre-launch skepticism was ineffectual in condemning the iPhone to an early grave. And two and a half years later, no amount of individual scorn will unearth Apple’s staunch defence of its core apps. Both legitimate and illegitimate devs feel the sting of Apple’s “duplicate functionality” clause which refuses alternatives such to Safari, Mail, etc.. So while there is no dearth of silly one-line apps, Apple’s crash-prone web-browser and the horribly stilted Mail app stand alone on the platform, providing users with strapped-down versions of their desktop partners which boast less-than-stellar performance and feature sets. Apple’s stringent insistence that core apps shalt have no rival eschews the iDevice horribly. So, while on the one hand, the iDevice enjoys a 53% online market share [TechCrunch], it does so at the expense of its own functionality.

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