Quick Pick: PDF Cabinet for iPad

Besides using my iPad 3 for surfing the web, working on TMA articles when I’m on the road or watching movies/TV shows, I love my PDF apps for reading ebooks, documents and magazines. For the longest time, my two favorite have been the ever reliable GoodReader and PDF Expert. However, I recently came across a lesser known app in the crowded genre by Com-Tec-Co - PDF Cabinet – and it’s quickly won me over. Not only is it well designed, but it’s also got one of the most intuitive and easy to use annotations interface I’ve come across.

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GoodReader for iPhone and iPad updated with improved handwriting engine and more

GoodReader, arguably the best PDF reader for iOS, was updated over the weekend for the iPhone and iPad with several new additions.

• new freehand drawing engine (PDF Annotations) produces smoother handwriting
• swiping a PDF page to the right and to the left with three fingers can now be used as “Go Back” and “Go Forward” gestures within a single file. Now you don’t have to turn the menu on to use the “Go Back” button.
• TXT editor now starts editing close to a viewing position
• Bonjour server records can now be quickly moved to the permanent “Connect to Server” location with a special button. This will allow to use advanced connection options, like changing the default server path and default login name.

Aside from the improved drawing engine and swipe gestures to move between pages, the iPad version has also introduced PDF Page Lock, a function which prevents accident taps and unwanted page turns. The update is free for those who already own the $4.99 app, and if you’re looking for a highly reliable and capable PDF reader, GoodReader won’t disappoint.

GoodReader for iPhone Good.iWare, GoodReader for iPhone, – $4.99
GoodReader for iPad Good.iWare, GoodReader for iPad, – $4.99

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Adobe’s official ‘Adobe Reader’ app finds home on iOS

Adobe has finally released Adobe Reader for iOS, an app that has was first introduced to Android phones nearly a year and a half ago. But as the saying goes, better late than never. As the name suggests, it’s predominantly a PDF reader without all the thrills; you won’t have the boat load of features that’s found in other apps, namely Goodreader and PDF Expert (both of which I use extensively). What is unique to Adobe’s app is its ability to open and view password protected PDF files, access Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management files, as well as encrypted PDFs, up to AES256. If you are already using some of the more robust PDF readers/annotators out there, you’ll probably want to skip Adobe Reader, but for Free, it may still be worth checking out.

Adobe Reader Adobe Systems Incorporated, Adobe Reader, – Free

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GoodReader PDF reader now supports Annotations, Highlights and more

iPad Screenshot 1 iPad Screenshot 2

GoodReader, arguably the best and most popular PDF reader app for the iPhone and iPad, has just received the highly anticipated update that brings about a new and significant feature: Annotations. No longer are you able to just browse your PDF files with GoodReader, you can now highlight and markup text (underline, crossout, insert etc), create sticky notes and even scribble your own notes (along with lines, arrows and circles) right on the document.

This 3.0 update rocks. I’ve tested the latest version on both my iPhone and iPad and the annotation features work wonderfully. Being able to finally make notes and highlight the pdf file just like you would with a text book or magazine is absolutely indispensable. Best of all, both the iPhone and iPad versions of GoodReader currently costs only $0.99, which is a fraction of what you’d pay for similar apps that also support annotations. If you’re in need of a highly capable PDF reader, there’s really no better option on the App Store.

GoodReader for iPhone Good.iWare, GoodReader for iPhone, 19.8 MB – $0.99
GoodReader for iPad Good.iWare, GoodReader for iPad, 11.1 MB – $0.99

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