App Update: PDF Expert for iPad adds full text search and more

For those who heavily rely on PDF Expert for the iPad, the new 3.2 update brings about a much requested feature – the ability to not only search the file name, but the entire contents of the PDF file as well. This will certainly help users with a sizable library of PDFs find their documents more easily and quickly. And accessory fanatics who love their bluetooth keyboards (like the ZAGGmate) will also appreciate the added support of the “Tab” and arrow keys when filling out their PDF forms (PDF Expert is one of the few on the App Store that lets you fill out forms created in Adobe Acrobat). If you already own the app, the update is free; otherwise, this excellent PDF reader/annotator will set you back $9.99. More app info and what’s new after the gap.

PDF Expert - Fill forms, annotate PDFs Readdle, PDF Expert – Fill forms, annotate PDFs, – $9.99

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Readdle’s 4th Birthday Sale + iPad Giveaway

Many of you iOS users have most likely come across Readdle on the App Store at one point or another. If you haven’t, just know that they’re responsible for some of the best productivity apps on the iDevice. In fact, Calendars – Google Calendar client and PDF Expert for iPad are two apps I use on a daily basis. And seeing how it’s their 4th anniversary, Readdle have slashed 30% off on all their existing apps (sale good until end of today). Not only that, but they’re also giving away 4 iPad 2’s as well (3 left as contest officially started yesterday). More details on the giveaway and app links after the gap.

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PDF Expert for iPad now Supports Signatures

Readdle, makers of the trusty ReaddleDocs app, has just updated their PDF Expert for iPad (see our iPhone review) with 2 useful new features. Already able to annotate text and allow for handwritten notes, the app now gives you the ability to include signatures into any PDF file. Rather than have the user scribble them out every single time it’s needed, PDF Expert provides a template area where you can carve out your signature beforehand. Once it’s created, simply tap and hold on the area of screen you’d like for it to appear and choose the option “Signature”. Rinse and repeat. With the template, it eliminates any potential inconsistencies and makes the process much quicker.

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