Want to accept credit card payments from your iPhone? Well, there’s a service for that!


Technology moves in leaps and strides. Just a few decades ago, most people had never heard of credit cards: carrying around tonnes of cash was essential. Now it’s hard to imagine our lives without those little pieces of plastic that make life so much easier. Just today I stumbled upon a new company that allows the iPhone to accept credit card payments with the help of a little gizmo attached to the audio jack. The device scans the magnetic strip on the back of a credit card for payments wherever and whenever.

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Invoice Maker (iInvoice) in Review – Bill Anyone From Anywhere, Anytime


Billing your clients is one of the most important things you’ll do in any business transaction. Filling it out in pen on paper is archaic, and (letting my greener side shine) not environmentally sound. Waiting until you get back to your computer could take forever. GP Imports Inc. attempts to solve this problem by moving your invoicing to the palm of your hand.

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