Path receives major 2.0 update

Path, a social networking app released over a year ago by David Morin (co-founder and CEO of Path and the man responsible for Facebook Connect), has received its biggest update yet. With version 2.0, Path is described as a “smart journal” and can do so much more than just being able to share photos with your Path contacts.

Path is the Smart Journal that helps you share life with the ones you love — your thoughts, the music you’re listening to, where you are, who you’re with, when you wake and when you sleep, and beautiful high quality photos and videos. And for those of you who like to share on public networks like Twitter, Foursquare, and Facebook, you can easily check-in, upload photos and videos, and tweet directly from Path.

Think of it as a journal app that can be used to record day-to-day stuff, much like how you can collect and store notes/documents on Evernote – but with a social twist. You can keep any post to yourself by turning on the private option, or simply share them with others. Unlike Facebook however, you’re limited to having 150 Path contacts, which ensures that you’ll only be sharing things with close friends and family. Take a look at the two demo videos below; they’ll give new users a quick rundown of Path’s latest update.

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