pmg PassCode in Review – Keep your private info private!


Are you paranoid? Are you lost in heaps of Post-It notes with myriads of passwords written on them? Does your idea of a password look like mdf$%_kdr123_fr? Well then, have I got an app for you! Profartis Media Group (is it only me, but the name of the company brings to mind some strange associations) have recently presented their new password storage app – pmg PassCode!

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How to set an Alphanumeric Passcode for your iPhone/iPod Touch


Ever wondered if using only digits as your password was enough to keep prying eyes from your highly sensitive data on your iDevice? If so, you’re in luck, since in this tutorial, I will show you how to set a passcode for your iPhone/iPod Touch using a combination of both letters and digits (if you please) for that extra level of security and piece of mind.

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Find My Phone – Works till a Thiefed!


I am not sure that I spelled ‘thiefed’ correctly. I was going for a gansta approach and even if I did not spell ‘tief’ correctly, I am fully assured in my own mind that shigzeo is a gansta. Well, if you are a gansta and want to steal the iPhone, but worried that the Find My Phone might deter yo’ best effats (how’s dat?), look no further than this clever bit of snooping from da giz.

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