All Pangea Software’s Games now Free for a Day

Enigmo 2

To celebrate the App Store’s 3rd Anniversary, Pangea Software is dropping prices on all their games to Free for 1 day (July 11th), from 8am to 8pm CST. As such, you can download games like Enigmo, Enigmo 2 and Otto Matic on the house. After 8pm CST, these titles will go on sale for $0.99, down from their original prices of $3-4. If you have yet to try Enigmo 1 & 2, I highly recommend you check them out; they’re among some of the best puzzle games on the iDevice. Links to the freebies below… enjoy!

Antimatter – A Big Bang for the iPhone?

Pangea Software is certainly no stranger to the iPhone gaming scene, with 6 games already available at the App Store. With the successful release of Enigmo under their belt, Pangea has once again released another physics based game in Antimatter. Unlike Enigmo though, Antimatter is a unique arcade game that resembles part pinball and part Geometry Wars. Rather than shooting everything up in sight, you must guide a streak of bright orange antimatter particles with your finger. Floating all around are ‘Cosmic Strings’ that light up the screen like a constellation map. With this antimatter, your job is to change the cosmic strings from a state of blue to a neon like orange by colliding the two together. Doing so will also add time to the clock. All the strings must turn orange before the timer runs out or else its game over.

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