All Pangea Software’s Games now Free for a Day

Enigmo 2

To celebrate the App Store’s 3rd Anniversary, Pangea Software is dropping prices on all their games to Free for 1 day (July 11th), from 8am to 8pm CST. As such, you can download games like Enigmo, Enigmo 2 and Otto Matic on the house. After 8pm CST, these titles will go on sale for $0.99, down from their original prices of $3-4. If you have yet to try Enigmo 1 & 2, I highly recommend you check them out; they’re among some of the best puzzle games on the iDevice. Links to the freebies below… enjoy!

Otto Matic: Alien Invasion in Review – War of the Worlds

ottomatic1When I was a little girl, my mother fueled my interest in old B&W science fiction movies that weren’t very good at all. They were entertaining though and many laughable. These types of movies are commonly known as “B-Movies” and many a Saturday I spent watching them totally transfixed. I would also freak out over movies like “My husband is a monster from outer space” or “Giant Brains” which threatened to take over the world. As I got older, watching giant spiders made me shudder but also laugh at the same time at the terrible special effects. I grew to really enjoy these bad B-movies, so if you are a sci-fi aficionado, you’ll want to give Otto Matic: Alien Invasion a very close look.

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