Apple Pre-empts Palm with iTunes update (part 12)


Nothing to see here: Apple’s newly released iTunes 9.0.2 update handily ousts the Pre back to Palm. Time and time again, Palm have gained backdoor access via hotwired USB routes to iTunes, tricking Apple’s media software into syncing the Pre as an iPod. And time and time again, their efforts have been stymied by a protective (and fully within-its-rights) Apple.

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Total Cost of Ownership – Billshrink’s analysis of iPhone Pre and Droid


While Billshrink’s chart on the next page only compares costs for the three perennial rivals in the USA, the numbers — particularly the large, foreboding 4-digit numbers at the bottom — shed some light on an oppressive situation: total expenditures for the current crop of much-hyped smart-phones. Smart-phones aren’t cheap, and their contracts cost more than a yearly bus-pass, a decent road bike, and most people’s computers.

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Sigh… Another iTunes wannabe

rollDevice You know, some companies are really starting to tire me. Remember the classic 1984 Apple commercial where the athletic blonde destroyed Big Brother? Well, if some you don’t (like me, since I was only BORN in 1984) then take a look below. This was the prolific ad, that debuted the Macintosh computer into our world and forever changed our lives (well, at least some of our lives).

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All hail the “Jesus” phone! Palm Pre is the work of the Devil!

The excellent podcast “Attack of the Show” by I follow to keep up to date on general media-related news recently featured a hilarious bit about exorcising the Palm Pre demon girl, who keeps rambling about AT&T and the iPhone. I would rate this a definite must for any iPhone fan to watch!

Will Kevin’s Steve Jobs and Apple rituals help save this poor spokeswoman?

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Failure of the Survey: iPhone 3GS and Pre return/exchange rates compared


Surveys can be conducted with a variety of outcomes in mind. One might be to learn about a product or service; it could also be used to find out a personal information. A popular reason to conduct surveys, however, is to prove pre-conceived notions; unfortunately, this sort of survey is the tool of marketers and turn-coat surveyors – integrity isn’t a strong suit of many surveys. For instance, if TMA conducted a survey of how satisfied readers were with our articles and, at the same time, offered a free headphone, to a ‘randomly selected’ individual, the survey would be flawed.

A recent one approached 3GS and Pre users in order to ascertain which one suffered higher return/exchange rates. I have issues with it on many levels and I hope that you will read along.

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Snip Snap – Palm’s Pre WebOS 1.1 back in Sync with iTunes


Software is made to be built and to be broken and to be built again. Palm’s original WebOS release gained notoriety for many features, but held certain bragging rights over Apple’s engineers by coaxing iTunes into thinking it was an iPod; users were able to sync, download and listen to their favourite music without having to interact with their Pre via the annoying and much slower drag-and-drop method.

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Vroom Vroom…iPhone 3G S Faster than Palm Pre


A Look at under the 3G S hood...

It’s no secret that the iPhone 3G S has more zip and zoom compared to the 3G, but the million dollar question is HOW much faster is it? AnandTech has done their homework and pit both iPhones against the Palm Pre and Android G1 in a web page rendering test, with the 3G S coming out on top in all but 3 of the site loads. Equipped with the more powerful and efficient ARM Cortex A8 processor running at 600MHz (as opposed to 412MHz), the 3G S performed 122% faster than the 3G and 21% speedier the Palm Pre. On a site like Facbook, the 3G S smoked its competition by fully loading the page in 13.5s, whereas the 3G needed a painfully slow 31.7s and the Palm Pre 19.6s (all WiFi).

Aside from the render tests, AnandTech also found that application launch times on the 3G S improved quite a bit, ranging from an improvement of 14% while launching the web browser to 72% for the native dialer app. By the looks of it, the 3G S will have no troubles going head to head against some of the best smartphones on the market. Will the speed factor alone though be enough for you to justify a hardware upgrade? Take a look at rest of the comparative results after the jump.

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(Updated) Thoughts on WWDC – Why Apple Have to Make 2009 Count


Today’s WWDC (World Wide Developer’s Conference 10 AM PST) will usher in a new wave of enthusiasm for Apple’s devices. Positive or not, charges will be set under both Apple’s faithful and its heretics alike. Last year saw the App Store’s maiden voyage and the launch of the iPhone 3G; 2008’s conference was one of the most historic and revolutionary events in Apple’s life. Now, with a mature Leopard in the innards of every Mac and the iDevice, they will need to do the impossible yet again: wow the ever-expectant crowd.

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