Apple Pre-empts Palm with iTunes update (part 12)


Nothing to see here: Apple’s newly released iTunes 9.0.2 update handily ousts the Pre back to Palm. Time and time again, Palm have gained backdoor access via hotwired USB routes to iTunes, tricking Apple’s media software into syncing the Pre as an iPod. And time and time again, their efforts have been stymied by a protective (and fully within-its-rights) Apple.

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Snip Snap – Palm’s Pre WebOS 1.1 back in Sync with iTunes


Software is made to be built and to be broken and to be built again. Palm’s original WebOS release gained notoriety for many features, but held certain bragging rights over Apple’s engineers by coaxing iTunes into thinking it was an iPod; users were able to sync, download and listen to their favourite music without having to interact with their Pre via the annoying and much slower drag-and-drop method.

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