paintingWalls with Enginy – for those ‘mauve or yellow?’ moments

Enginy Studios have it right – make an app which allows you to argue with your wife before ruining the house with hundreds of dollars of polka dot paint. A few taps of the finger and some twirls later, and paintingWalls will have your walls, ceilings, and even skylights pretty in pink (or blue, or mauve, etc.): magical, but not _that_ magical. paintingWalls requires you first to take photos of your rooms. Then you can splash virtual colour around. And when shade vacillation strikes, paintingWalls allows you to add virtual lighting for that extra touch of home. It all comes packaged in a pretty easy to use interface replete with save, email, Facebook, Twitter functions, a comparator engine, and more.

paintingWalls Enginy Studios, paintingWalls – $0.99

Video, piccies, and more after the gap:

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