Fail: Opera Mini Web browser and Acid3 benchmark

Acid3 is a suite of tests which benchmarks a browser’s performance in standards compliance and page rendering. Desktop versions of Opera fair pretty well, but Opera Mini Web browser falls (alot) somewhat lower than that. iPhone Safari scores 100/100, but fails the last portion, an image render. Opera Mini Web browser makes do with a score of 74/100 AND fails the last image. At least it betters Internet explorer and Sony PSP’s Netfront browsers which added all together, barely crack 50/100!

Opera Mini Web browser Opera Software ASA, Opera Mini Web browser, FREE!

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Debut: Opera Mini Web browser – The fat lady has sung

My wager: Apple will never let a competitor’s web browser into the App Store, cost me a particularly good horse. I may be the only one not happy about the debut of Opera Mini Web Browser. Had you met Hillie, the pony-horse, you’d be equally upset.

It’s small consolation that in her place is the only current alternative to Apple’s one-horse webkit monopoly lead by iPhone Safari. Opera Mini is cute; it has all the pertinent functions in easy-to-reach places and better in-app settings than iPhone Safari. It also generally handles website formatting better than good ol’ WebKit and has a lovely implementation of tabbed browsing. Overall, it’s a ‘good’ experience which would bring in a TouchMyApps rating of Grab. In some cases, it loads slower than Safari and iPhone OS controls are substituted for blocky, oddly-placed alternatives _almost_ as if Opera Software ASA wanted nothing more than to spite Apple for its two-year boycott of NIMBY* software. But it is worthwhile, especially if you find yourself at the mercy of mobile browsers more often than not. Feel free to discuss Opera Mini Web browser VS Safari in our forums.

Opera Mini Web browser Opera Software ASA, Opera Mini Web browser – Free

Piccies and more in-action deductions (whew!) after the gap:

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