Battle Slugs in Review – This War’s Too Tough For Me

I really like this genre of puzzle game.  Older patrons might liken it to Reversi or Othello, but apparently modern players like to mess with things like board size and the actual pieces themselves.  As a result we get cool variants like Battle Slugs.  Or at least it should be cool.  Aesthetically the production values are great, and they try to add a lot of replay value by making you work to unlock additional locations to play in.  Unfortunately, I think the difficulty level is a bit too high.  For all the games I’ve played so far I’ve only unlocked one new location, and unless I missing something I only have one board configuration available, which does tend to get a bit old.

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Gameprom’s Pinball Games Promo Code Giveaway (Closed)

iPhone Screenshot 3 iPhone Screenshot 5

TouchMyApps is giving away various copies of OOO Gameprom’s bestselling Pinball games for the iDevice. For those of you who are fans of pinball, there’s a very good chance that you’ve already come across their Pinball series on the App Store – they’re arguably some of the best for the iPhone and iPad, with great graphics and well designed tables. The Pinball games up for grabs include:

Since Pinball HD for the iPhone and iPad already includes all three tables (Jungle, Wild West and The Deep), the 3 standalone games will be bundled up as 1 prize for our winners. Want in on some awesome pinball action? Full contest details on how to enter after the break!

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The Pinball free for Mac OS X and Remote Utility for iPhone now available

We previously had a quick sneak peek at Gameprom’s ‘The Pinball’, a collection of 3 pinball games set to make its appearance on the iPad. First up though is the OS X version, which has just been released for the Mac and now available as a free download. That’s right, The Pinball is free, though it only includes the Wild West Pinball table (still a pretty sweet deal if you own a Mac). To unlock Jungle Style Pinball and The Deep Pinball, they’ll set you back $2.99 each. The part where it gets interesting though is how you play the game. Gameprom has also released the free Pinball Utility for the iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to purchase the extra tables AND control all aspects of the game.

Pinball Remote OOO Gameprom, Pinball Remote – Free
Download link for The Pinball on Mac

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Wild West Pinball in Review – “Fill your hands, you Son-of-a-Gun!”


I enjoy myself a good western. Growing up, my parents would have a, “Cowboy Movie” on the old picture box all the time. My favorites were those that featured the, “Man with no Name” himself, Clint Eastwood and of course the one, the only, “The Duke.” There’s something mesmerizing about the old west, something you just don’t see in movies today. So when I heard there was a new western themed game out for the app store that included the magical game play of pinball, well you better believe I’m there, faster than you can say, “YeeH…..”(That’s right, I’m already there)

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