Onmaway lets your loved ones know you’re on the way home (without Texting and Driving)

Were you ever tempted to send a short text message while driving to a spouse/partner/friend just to let them know that you’re on the way? Now when I last checked, texting and driving at the same time is highly ill advised (not to mention illegal in most states/provinces), so there has to be a safer and easier way right? Well that’s where the newly released Onmaway for iOS comes in. With the app, users can share their location in real time using the iPhone’s GPS functionality. Simply select the other party via sms or email, choose the duration of how long they can track you and a customized message. Your friends and family will then receive a link and be able to view your location in real time via any web browser. For longer trips, there’s an Epic Journey mode that allows you to share your location on Facebook or Twitter every 4 hours.

Onmaway requires iOS 4.2 or later, and with more recent iDevices (3GS or iPhone 4), you’ll be able to run the app in the background as well. Demo video and more info after the break.

Onmaway - Share Your Location without Texting While Driving Ka Pow Interactive, Onmaway, 2.9 MB – $1.99

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