Silent Swords Zero in Review – The Silent Ninja is Back!

I think that my biggest complaint with the original Silent Swords game for the iPhone and iPod touch was the controls. The stealth game was fun and challenging, but the controls seriously lacked any sort of innovation or general ease of use. Luckily, that is one of the things Oniric Games’ recently released prequel, Silent Swords ZERO, addresses.

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Silent Swords in Review – Don’t let this one sneak by


Stealth game. To some, those two words mean a world of suspense, where every move contributes to your destiny. Will you get caught, or will you persevere? To others, those words mean slow, boring action, coupled with endless trial and error. Fortunately, I fall into the first group, so when Silent Swords hit the App Store, I was all over it like Oprah on a cupcake*.

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Exclusive first look at upcoming game Silent Swords

Oniric Games, a seasoned and leading game developer based out of Argentina has given TouchMyApps some exclusive screenshots and gameplay footage for their upcoming iDevice game, Silent Swords. Touted as the first stealth action game designed exclusively for the iPhone/iPod Touch, Oniric’s first foray into the App Store features some stylishly designed visuals and unique gameplay elements.

Silent Swords is a stealth action game inspired by the genre’s classics that takes full advantage the iPhone’s unique control features. Your mission is to help the Little Black Ninja break out of the top secret military base that holds him prisoner. To do that you’ll have to be sneaky, hide in the shadows and take your enemies by surprise. They’ll never know you were there.

From what we’ve been told, you control the ninja by tapping on the left and right virtual buttons – the faster you tap, the faster move. You’ll also have to time your moves accurately if you want to sneak around unnoticed. Jumping, as can be seen from the video, is done by shaking your iDevice. And of course, what good is a ninja if he (or she) can’t throw shurikens and dice up their foes. All this is done via swipes on the screen with your finger. To sneak around, avoid the lights to blend in with the shadows and use your environment wisely as camouflage.

Oniric Games has told us that Silent Swords is essentially complete and will likely go live at the App Store in a few weeks time. More details and screenies, including a very cool contest where players can enter to design their very own Silent Swords levels after the jump!

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