The JBnator Diaries – How to make the stock Maps app work offline

Hello there, JBnator fans! This is your blast from the future – ChiffaN. And today we’re gonna tackle a topic, which may be a life-saver for many people.

There is a story rolling around the Russian iPhone community about a guy who after returning from a two-week holiday in the Swiss Alps got hit over with a $30000 cell phone bill. Apparently he just got an iPhone and was using it extensively for GPS navigation abroad without realizing that it was pulling data via the excellent 3G connection for sky-high roaming fees. The story goes he sued the carrier for failing to communicate that the iPhone Maps app get it’s maps online and no-one heard of him since.

This a sad tale, but the good news is – you can avoid it and still have the luxury of using your iPhone to navigate even without a data connection or abroad. And the key is – Maps cache.

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OffMaps in Review – Find yourself on the map, even offline!


You know, there is a story going around the Russian iPhone community about a guy who, after his trip to Sweden for a couple of weeks, got nailed with a $30K phone bill. It is said that he was not aware that the Google Maps were downloadable and used the iPhone excessively for navigation. This is the reason why I always have data roaming turned off. But wouldn’t you love to use the awesome power of the “Jesus” phone to find your way around, even abroad? Well, there’s an app for that (I almost hate this phrase already)! Introducing, OffMaps.

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