Nubi Do (ToDo List / Task Manager) now FREE for limited time

One of the great things about the iDevice is that you can count on plenty of Todo type apps to help you get organized and (hopefully) be more productive. One such app happens to be Gennubi’s Nubi Do and it’s now FREE for a limited time. While it wasn’t built from the ground up using David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology in mind (unlike Nozbe and OmniFocus), Nubi sports a clean and uncluttered interface and has plenty of useful features – some of which include:

  • Import/Export to Google™ Docs Spreadsheet.
  • Sort and filter tasks instantly at a touch of a finger (or manually sort tasks)
  • Assign priorities and due dates.
  • Create and assign tags and contexts.
  • Lock & passcode protect individual todo lists.
  • Full screen note viewer with data detection (linkable email/web addresses etc)

One feature missing is Push Notification for set reminders, but if it’s not a deal breaker for you, Nubi Do is a great choice for what it does. Its import/export function, full screen note viewer and ability to password protect projects/lists (among other things) makes it one of the better todo apps I’ve come across on the App Store. With it’s current price tag of $0 (previously $9.99), productivity hounds and those who need a task manager shouldn’t miss out on this sweet offer.

Nubi Do (ToDo List / Task Manager) Gennubi, Nubi Do (ToDo List / Task Manager), 1.5 MB – Free

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