Nothing New at the App Store


nothing |ˈnəθi ng |
not anything; no single thing : I said nothing | there’s nothing you can do | they found nothing wrong.
• something of no importance or concern : “What are you laughing at?” “Oh, nothing, sir.” | they are nothing to him | [as n. ] no longer could we be treated as nothings.
• (in calculations) no amount; zero.

I have found a new candidate for worst app evar and here is why: false advertising. According to knowledge brain’s website:

We can sum-up this App for you with one word: “NOTHING”
We proudly present an Application about Nothing. Nothing is everything you ever wanted in an application – except much, much less. We know there are so many great apps, but we wanted something different.
“How can you have Application about Nothing?” you say…. Easy, there’s Nothing to it! We have carefully crafted Nothing out of something.

Nothing competes with some good apps and many worthless apps that are priced at 99 cents and below. The difference is that most apps will try to convince you that they have something to offer, whereas Knowledge Brain advertise the opposite. They even go so far as to put nothing in caps and quotations. I want my purchases at the App Store to be statements, but the purchase of Nothing is like slapping your brain with a bag of quicksand, then having your lolly friends suck the remnants of you dry with tiny straws full of their own poison and singing “merrily merrily, I so merrily believe in the weather!”

Nothing cannot be paraded about as nothing unless the makers are simply programming savvy idiots. In fact, the Knowledge Brain probably had meetings and meetings about design, quotes, who to send Nothing to and how to market it. They missed the bloody point.

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