Nokia: iOS 4.2 Reduces Network Congestion, Improves battery life

According to Nokia Siemens, Apple’s recent iOS 4.2 update supports a technology called network-controlled fast dormancy, which essentially optimizes the way a phone interactives with networks. Apparently, this means reduced network congestion and improved battery life. Here’s an excerpt from their blog post:

With its latest iPhone iOs 4.2 software, it looks like Apple is joining efforts to cut smartphone signalling down to size. Tests by Nokia Siemens Networks have shown that iPhone iOs 4.2  supports a technology called Network Controlled Fast Dormancy, which we have already introduced into our networks. Basically, the technology makes the network and the handset work together to create the best conditions for smartphones to work quickly, yet have a long battery life and minimize network congestion.

The new Apple software release supports this way of working on networks that have the technology implemented. Nokia also implemented the technology in its smartphones earlier this year. So now the two handset makers that account for half of all new smartphones in the world contribute to an improved user experience and cost reduction for operators.

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Nokia to Apple: “All your stuff are belong to us”

Nokia have joined the myriad companies who have it in for Apple, attacking everything from WiFi to them darn cellular waves. Then, Apple countered with a suit of its own. That was fall 2009; but winter cometh and Nokia are back at it, this time gunning for every Apple gizmo to grace the hands of fans since… forever. The most recent suit lays claim to patents which would affect “virtually all” Apple products.

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iTube – the iPhone comes to Nokia’s 5800


Flattery is the sincerest form of mimicry. Er, um… sorry that is mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery. Anyway, Daily Mobile report on a switcheroo app called iTube which pulls the iPhone masque over the Nokia 5800’s ugly face. All you need is: 1. a Nokia 5800 and, 2. a secret iPhone envy. Those two things together, get ready for your new sleek new iPhone Nokia with its sleek shiny European operating system 😉

Follow the gap for a video of the flattering phone in action. Oh yes, and links to make the critical change to your Nokia.

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