Google Nexus One – sales figures de-nexing?

Hardly does a man like me scoff at the competition, especially when that competition is the “don’t be evil” Google. And, hardly does a man like me scoff at the floundering of smartphone – I root for the sub-genre with passion not seen outside Hollywood. But after a month of sales under its belt, the Google Nexus One isn’t looking that good. The times are bad, I know. And Android has been pumped in the arm by a lot of great phones – this too I know. But its sales figures are dire next to the iPhone heady debut and the more recent outing of Motorola’s Droid. For those who pray, pray for the success of at least one Apple competitor, but don’t pray too hard – I am a man who likes Apple and would rather not start chasing everything else.

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You think Apple Care is bad? Just wait till you try Google’s Nexus One support

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Ok, we are all well aware of the many complaints about Apple Care. They may not be the best of the best but, as it turns out, they’re far from being the worst. The early adopters of the latest would-be “iPhone killer” Google’s Nexus One have run into a problem with 3G performance, or more specifically – the lack there of. The issue, quickly ballooned into a real-life drama at Google’s support forums is – the Nexus One either refuses to switch to 3G altogether or constantly switches between EDGE and 3G. And that is an area where all other phones, including the “Jesus” phone work fine. But the technical issue is not the main part of the drama.

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Google’s: Nexus One – easy to open

Like shooting at F2.8, the Nexus One is wide open thanks to the destructive geeks at Evidently, the new phone is thoughtfully designed, at least as it applies to tear downs. Indeed, nothing really new under the hood, but the poor thing does go to pieces pretty well. That and Google’s OS under the hood should make this a very interesting buy and wonderful competition for the iPhone.

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